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    Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
    12:00 am
    yesterday i went with my sister to 'taste of edmonton'
    it was a pretty good day
    we tasted a bunch of food
    i had "Ricotta Cheese Fritters with Spicy Tomato Jam" which were quite yummy
    "Pad Thai Noodle" which was
    "Southern Fried Green Tomatoes with Creole Aioli Drizzle" which was one of the things i was wanting to try, they were ok
    "Ater Kik Aletcha Wot" ..which is an ethiopian dish made with lentils? i think, it was pretty tasty, it came with this weird bread sort of roll thing that was kinda yuck. it was really sour, like sourdough is sour, but way more sour & i dont like sourdough bread.
    "Cauliflower 65" which was my favourite thing last year, i got 2 of these! so yum. this past year i have attempted to recreate this at home with no luck. it is sweet & a bit spicy & yum!
    "Chilled Blueberry Soup with Goat Cheese Ice Cream and Micro Basil" which was yummy, my sister really liked it. the 'blueberry soup' was tasty, very blueberry-y, not like a sickly sweet blueberry sauce, so, thats good!
    and finally "White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake on a Stick" which i brought home & have not eaten yet, it is sitting in the fridge!
    i also went to an art store yesterday
    this one place has a big sale going on & i got a bunch of inks for half off
    so yay to that too.
    i went with my dad to watch fireworks tonight
    & took his camera & got some pictures
    we went on sunday too & i brought the camera but when i got there someone had changed the settings & i did not know how to get it back onto the bulb setting? so i could not take any pictures
    so i figured it all out & was ready today!
    but the fireworks kinda sucked anyway.
    they were all really low & it was almost all goldish ones
    not even glittery gold ones
    the gold ones that just kinda look like burnt out.. i dont know if you know what i mean
    & then when i got home and looked at them the photos look kinda ..out of focus?
    maybe i need to ask my brother-in-law or sister-in-law what to do about that
    but we should go again to watch fireworks at least a couple of times
    & hopefully there will be some colourful ones!
    & hopefully i will get some good ones!
    Saturday, July 19th, 2014
    10:16 pm
    today my brother called
    my sister-in-law had taken their dog Taiga to the vet
    & i guess things were just not good, he is in final stages of liver failure, has liquid in his belly, so, they were going to put him to sleep
    & he wanted to know if we wanted to come over to say goodbye
    my dad had just recently left to go to the farm, but my sister came over & drove me & mom over there
    we played around with Taiga for a little bit & took some pictures
    my sister brought him some peanut butter mixed up with treats that he really really liked!
    & then they all took him to the vet
    on the way home we decided to stop at starbucks & pick up a drink
    it was a little strip mall sort of thing & there was a pet food store
    we stopped in there because my sister wanted to see what they had on sale for her dog
    we were looking at some ball thing and i heard a little 'meow'
    i looked behind me and there was a little kitty! laying down in a cage
    i stuck my finger in to pet her head & she started licking me
    she was very pretty
    my mom tried to pet her but she didnt want to lick her
    i kept petting her & she was licking me & then she rolled over for me to scratch her belly
    so, i tried to do that
    it was kinda hard to through the cage
    she had lots of spots like timmy, but she did not have a white neck or paws like he did
    i hope she finds a good home with good people!
    back at home i did some more painting
    i have been doing ink paintings & mailart
    even though i have not been to the mailbox to mail anything yet
    i was looking online at local art stores today
    there are 2 that i had planned on going to that have shut down!
    but there is one & they have a big sale on this week!
    everything in their store is 30-60% off!
    & their inks that i want to buy are 50% off!!!
    so, hopefully i can get there this week sometime, its kinda far away so i would need a ride.
    ... ugh.
    my uncle is over & i kinda wish he wasnt.
    he is just kinda loud & sometimes very annoying.
    things like, i heard earlier my mom telling him about my brothers dog
    & he was saying stuff like ..whats the big deal, just get another dog
    my mom attempted to explain to him that it doesnt work that way, but then he just gets louder & more opinionated
    that's the annoying part.
    i suppose i could just go to my house,
    but i kinda want to go watch tv.
    Thursday, July 17th, 2014
    11:08 pm
    i had sculpture class today
    i worked on my mask
    i spent the entire class working on the background
    last week i spent the whole class working on the face
    my intention this week was to do a sort of bark like effect for the background
    then i was kinda thinking of making a branch with some leaves
    so, i spent almost the whole class doing the background, so tedious!!!
    and then i kinda put a mock up of clay where i was thinking to put the branch
    & i was going to lift it up a bit to get a better look at it
    i was SUPPOSED to lift up the piece of wood that the whole thing was on
    but for some stupid reason i lifted just the clay
    & it CRACKED & BROKE!!!!!
    2 classes worth of work! & these are 3 hour classes i am speaking of.
    it was not too bad though, the face did not break
    the teacher helped me put a patch on the back
    and then i patched up the front & had to redo the bark effect over top of that
    i was rushing to finish it before the end of class
    so, no branch. oh well.
    it turned out pretty nice without it anyway
    & i am finished!
    hopefully the patch sticks!
    next week i plan on making a fish! & hopefully some mushrooms
    i also want to make a plant pot of some sort, i have to think of a design
    i only have 2 more classes
    i never intended to make anything so serious as this mask ended up being in the first place
    but it was fun too!
    i have wanted to take a sculpture class for a long time
    & when i was looking for the code to sign up for this class i saw that in the fall there is going to be an animal sculpture class
    so i hope to sign up for that one too!
    Tuesday, July 15th, 2014
    1:46 am
    i went to the museum today with my aunt & my mom!
    we wanted to check out a fiber arts exhibit they had
    it was kinda neat, but quite small
    they also had a feature exhibit about leather jackets!
    at the beginning of that they had a motorcycle for people to get on and a bunch of leather jackets for people to try on and pose for pictures
    i got my mom to do it & that is rather hilarious!
    the pic turned out pretty good too!
    then we went upstairs to check out the stuff that is always there
    there is a bug exhibit & a bunch of rocks, some birds of alberta & a small dinosaur thing
    Whooooo are You looking at?
    there is an aboriginal culture exhibit
    then we went back downstairs to check out the nature exhibit & it was totally changed from the way it used to be! it used to just be rows of diorama type displays with stuffed taxidermy animals
    it still had some of those, but it was arranged differently & it also featured some live fish in tanks & some different things & not quite as many of those displays
    it was cool that it was different though, because that museum has had the same things for ages!
    i do not think i have been there since high school though
    i used to do a bunch of volunteer work there when i was in high school
    it seems to me that they used to have more special exhibits back then, those are what i volunteered for
    they are building a new museum closer to downtown now
    i think it is supposed to be finished in 2016
    so, hopefully that will increase interest & maybe they will start having more & more interesting exhibits again
    after the museum we went out for supper to this italian place
    (i just went to an italian place for supper yesterday and still have leftovers from that but oh well)
    & when the waitress was bringing my food she spilled the whole thing almost right on me!
    on the table right next to me
    a tiny bit splashed on my shirt & some got on my hand & burnt my finger a bit
    not badly but it stung, i put some ice on it & by the time we left it was perfectly fine
    she felt so bad but it was just an accident
    she gave us free deserts, so that was good!
    this evening i did some more ink painting & a whole bunch of organizing type cleaning in my house
    i am actually going to be mailing out a whole bunch of mailart!
    i am happy with myself
    a bunch of them are just going to be light art type photos, so, maybe thats kinda cheating, but i will fill up the back with lots of old artistamps that i have found in my cleaning, so, thats good
    i have received lots of plain envelopes in the past with just a bunch of stamps on them
    i printed off a list of something like 130 addresses & i am going to attempt to send out mail to least half of them this summer!
    that is my goal.

    check out my sweet potato:
    sweet potato sprouting
    i still need to plant the one in the blue cup
    i dont know what i am going to do with all the shoots that are on the potato
    i need to do some research on indoor container gardening!
    Monday, July 14th, 2014
    1:21 am
    i went to the art walk today
    its the first time i have ever gone
    pretty much its just a whole bunch of artists displaying & selling their art along the street
    it was interesting seeing all the stuff
    but it was hot out!
    we also checked out this sand sculpture thingy which ended up being kinda ..not as fantastic as expected
    it ended up being only 3 sculptures, a man, a girl & a boat & they were very good
    but i was expecting there to be a whole lot more
    there was a bit of an incident
    i did not notice at first because it was happening in the opposite direction of which we were going
    but my sister noticed that these 2 guys were starting to fight
    i was looking at the art & then noticed my sister was not with me & then noticed she was looking back the way we came
    then she started yelling, so i went to see what was going on & saw the guys pushing each other
    she was yelling at them to cut it out & walk away & what not & i joined it, there is no need for fighting on the streets
    they were pushing at each other & then started swinging at each other
    & then i am not sure if it was before or after they had knocked each other to the ground but they were at each other & my sister got right in there pulling them apart
    so i followed suit & it was me & her & 1 other guy trying to break up these 2 men fighting
    finally we did get them apart and things settled down & we went on our way
    my sister was saying she was surprised more people did not get involved, there were lots of people just standing around watching. she was wondering if anyone had called the cops, i dont think anyone had. there was actually a real lack of police presence there today, i did not see one the whole time we were there, which is kind of odd.
    afterwards i was kinda thinking ..damn. my sister is brave, i mean, i am all for getting involved, but honestly, i normally would not get in between 2 men fighting and she is quite a bit smaller than me.
    & my poor sister has an anxiety disorder and gets panic attacks over simple little events that should not make her panic & then just jumps into something like this & says its her good deed of the day
    i know the 2 things are not related, i am very familiar with mental illness & how fickle it can be, but maybe next time i need to remind her of times she does things like this and how strong she really is.
    Sunday, July 13th, 2014
    12:09 am
    i went for a walk with my dad & sister & pax (my sister's dog) to borden park today
    it is a very old park & they have been fixing it up & have installed a whole bunch of sculptures!
    one is especially eye catching & you can see it peeking through the trees as you drive by
    & i have been wanting to go check it out!

    "Willow"  Borden Park

    after some online research i have discovered that this thing! is titled "Willow" and was made by artist Marc Fornes

    Borden Park ... Borden Park ... Borden Park

    there are also 11 temporary sculptures that will be circled out over the next 2 years
    this is so wonderful!
    there is also a really cool building that is to house the public washrooms & a seating area & i am not sure what else
    it was not yet open when i was there, it is all mirrors on the outside but apparently when you look out from the inside it is perfectly clear

    Borden Park

    i have fond memories of this park
    when i was little we used to have big family bbq picnics here
    it was good times!
    Friday, July 11th, 2014
    12:48 am
    i had my first sculpture class today!
    it went well
    our first project was a mask
    i pretty much finished mine, except i have to do some embellishments, a background & whatnot
    since its 'garden sculpture' i am thinking of having the face against a wood type thing & leaves around the face
    i am not sure if i want to do wood grain or more bark???
    next week i might make some fish! & i hope to make some mushrooms
    i need to do some research of different types of mushrooms and sketch them out
    other than that, i am not sure what we are going to do?
    on the way back home some guy on the lrt had a pizza
    & it smelled soooooooooo good
    so i ordered one when i got home & now i need to go eat it!
    yesterday i took a gazillion photos of this light stick thingy thing i bought from some online discount store thingy from china with free shipping for a buck or something
    its a plastic stick that flashes coloured lights
    i took a bunch of pictures with my old camera that i hate
    they turned out pretty good
    i am just uploading them now & then its pizza time!
    Wednesday, July 9th, 2014
    10:26 pm
    pink flamingo & blue lobelia

    this is my pink flamingo in a pot of blue lobelia
    i got it last year but was afraid to put it up in my yard because i think someone would steal it
    they would.
    so instead i put it in this pot on my parents deck
    i went out and about today
    i had a drB2 appointment
    & then i met my cousin downtown at the street performers festival
    but we did not really watch any street performers
    it was too hot!!!!
    we stopped at this ticket place because i wanted to pick up some tickets for taste of edmonton
    they are cheaper if you buy them early
    i had never been in there, it was kind of neat
    they had all sorts of arts & crafts by local folks, the lady said it was all in consignment
    + it was air conditioned!
    & i got a floaty pen! its an edmonton transit one with a bus going across the city sky line? is that the right term i am looking for?
    later we went to second cup for a drink & i got an iced tea
    you can get it sweetened or unsweetened there, i got it sweetened of course
    & i took my first sip of it (through a straw) and it was SO SWEET!!! yikes.
    but then i was stirring the ice around and drinking the rest & it was not very sweet at all
    so, i guess in that first sip i must have sucked up all the syrup to sweeten it!
    oh well!
    oh, & i signed up for that garden sculpture class
    it starts tomorrow!
    it is only for 4 weeks though
    i am not exactly sure what we are going to do, but hopefully it will be fun stuff!
    Monday, July 7th, 2014
    9:01 pm
    my gut kinda feels ..i dont know? bloated? uncomfortable? weird.
    kinda icky anyway
    i went to pick up the ceramics we painted yesterday
    they turned out pretty great!
    scarlett & family were in the area, so they stopped by to pick up hers (an owl shaped bank)
    lou has yet to pick up hers, a container in the shape of the head of the HULK! it is fantastic!
    mine is a nice sized bowl to eat from & moms is a square dish
    i also stopped by dollarama to pick up some more baskets for my cupboard
    & they had hula hoops! so i bought a large one & a small one
    so yesterday i made a woven hot pad type thing with the small one
    & i plan on making another rug with the large one but i need to get some tshirt material from my cousin
    i did some cleaning the other day too!
    yay for me.

    the street performers festival is on right now
    & my cousin had emailed me about it last week
    i emailed her back but i have not heard back from her
    i suppose i should call, but i dont know, i am lazy or something
    i just have been feeling blah lately and have no initiative
    i have a drB2 appointment on wed. and have been thinking about cancelling(rescheduling) it
    & then today i remembered that that garden sculpture class i was thinking of taking this month starts on thursday
    so if i want to take it i better register for it pretty soon
    i just dont know what to do
    i suppose i need to push myself
    well, not suppose, i need to
    because i have been on this borderline of being able to do things and get things done or do absolutely nothing and kinda just lose time
    & i need to push myself to the get things done side so i dont slip back into the nothingness zone again.
    Friday, July 4th, 2014
    11:07 pm
    so i went & FINALLY transplanted some of my lemon plants!
    there was not enough potting soil to do all of them
    so i just did 4 of them (i still have 6 more)
    they had such healthy looking roots! & they look so nice in their new pots!
    (well, one is in a tin can that i painted)
    i also need my dad to drill holes in 2 pots that i bought for the other ones
    i hope they do good in their new homes!
    they were previously in one of those 6 pack things you buy bedding plants in
    they have been in there for over a year
    so now they get to stretch their roots out
    i am quite proud of them in a strange maternal way
    after that i did a whole bunch of cleaning
    yay me!
    it was so hot in my house though
    i opened a few windows the other day
    but i still think there is not much air flow
    i think i am going to put a fan on when i go to sleep
    i couldnt open the window in my bedroom the other day because something was wedged against it from the outside
    i was supposed to go check it out but i forgot & now its too dark
    after all the cleaning i watered the garden & my flowers
    in the dark (darkish) like i usually do
    i would do a lot of garden work in the dark if i could
    there are mosquitoes to fight off though sometimes
    & there is the thing about not seeing too well
    oh well.
    now i plan to eat! fruit!
    & watch tv!
    very excitedly!!!!!
    7:48 pm
    my dad took me to get my blood done today & we finally remembered to try and phone and make an appointment first, cause sometimes you have to wait SO LONG!
    so i did that
    but when i got there there was hardly anyone there
    i wouldnt have had to wait even if i didnt have an appointment
    oh well.
    we went to the grocery place & got fruit!
    we got a whole case of cherries & a whole case of strawberries!!!
    i also got some nectarines & peaches & plums & a mango & broccoli!
    oh, and pitas!
    but while we were there my arm was bleeding from the bloodwork, eek!
    the cotton ball he had taped to me was completely red
    sometimes i bleed a lot after, sometimes i dont, you never can tell

    earlier today i was mentally cleaning my house
    i was thinking ..this stuff could go this place, this other stuff here, etc...
    & i remember i had figured out where a whole bunch of things could go
    i had organized a whole lot of things in my head
    but then now i forget it all
    so that sucks.
    ~not happy~
    maybe if i go to my house i will remember some of it?
    i know i was thinking that i want to buy some more of these baskets i got from dollarama
    they fit super nice in my cupboard
    i had only bought 3 because i was not quite sure how they would do
    but i would like to buy 3 more
    12:46 am
    it was soooo hot today, ick.
    i did not like it
    when i woke up i felt kinda sickly, dehydrated a bit perhaps?
    after i drank a bit & ate some watermelon for breakfast i felt a bit better
    my dad took me & my sister to a little art show of this lady's he knows
    it was just in this little studio that was in her garage, it was a nice little studio
    he knows these people because he has done work for them before
    her artwork was mostly drawings of ..girls i guess?
    it was interesting
    when me & my sister first went in there was this lady standing there
    she was very tall and thin and had short black hair and big black sunglasses on
    she was standing very still in kinda a strange position & i thought at first that she might be a mannequin
    later my sister was telling me that she thought the very same thing! ha!
    when i got home i could hear someone playing bag pipes outside
    there used to be a bagpipe group/class that practiced down by the school that is a few blocks away
    i havent really noticed them for quite some time though
    i like bagpipes!
    i am hoping it is not quite so hot out tomorrow
    maybe i can plant my sweet potato
    one of the shoots has gotten VERY large
    today i pulled it off the potato & put it in some water
    it already has roots on it
    but while i was putting it in water i broke off a stem from the larger stem
    hopefully the smaller one will sprout its own roots & i can plant that one too!
    Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014
    12:33 am
    ~happy canada day~
    (or well, hope it was!)
    i went to watch the fireworks with my dad
    we usually just go down ..that way->
    & not down by the leg. near where they shoot them off
    so, we are not up close & they are not super big
    but they were pretty good this year!
    there were a lot of red ones
    but not just regular old redish ones, super vivid red ones!
    & there were some other nice ones that were not your 'typical' fireworks
    then at the very end, there were these big round ones
    but they were red-white-red all in one firework!
    i dont think i have ever seen any like that before
    so i was quite impressed!
    Saturday, June 28th, 2014
    11:23 pm
    i am in kinda a blah sort of state.
    i realized that i have not really been doing much of anything lately
    i have not been doing regular yard work or cleaning or walking on the treadmill
    plus i have been falling asleep on the couch at night watching tv a lot lately too
    so whats up?
    but i went over to my house to do some cleaning & decided to work on the kitchen!
    its one area that i have not really bothered with much because i still do all my cooking here at my folks place
    so i straightened up the shelves & washed them
    i was going to do a load of dishes & things that were sitting on the counter before i put them away but i had no dish soap (i have some here though)

    on thursday my niece scarlett, my sister & my mom & me went to this place where you pick out some ceramic thingy & then paint it & then they fire it for you
    i had bought a groupon for this place when i had an (additional) 20% off coupon
    on the site/in the info it had said that a lot of the items cost around $15 and that was what i was kinda planning on, things being in the $15-$20 range
    but nope. pretty much everything was over $30! i think there was a little shot glass that was $15
    yikes. so it ended up costing LOTS more than i thought it would
    and also, we got there at about 6:30 and they closed at 7:30, so we did not have time to finish painting our stuff!
    so we ended up going back again friday afternoon
    it ended up being good times!
    scarlett painted an owl bank, my mom did this square dish, my sister painted this ridiculous HULK head dish & i painted a bowl, i made a little lion on it
    we have to go pick them up next friday, so i am looking forward to seeing how they turn out!
    Tuesday, June 24th, 2014
    9:04 pm
    i feel so icky today
    i had to get up 'early' because i had a drB appointment
    & when i got up i just felt sick, kinda like i was going to pass out
    i sometimes feel like this when i dont sleep well i guess
    but i had some breakfast & then i felt a little bit better
    it is rather warm outside & i had to take the bus
    but luckily that was pretty painless
    i picked up some food on the way home but have not eaten it yet
    i think i may have had a bit of a fever or something
    because my temp. is all messed up
    not feeling hot in the hot weather, etc..
    i just feel a bit queezy now, which kinda sucks
    the bird in the other room was whistling away & talking a bit
    so i said hello to him & now he is all quiet
    he is very shy, such a strange bird.
    Friday, June 20th, 2014
    12:41 am
    the weather has been kinda icky
    rainy & stuff
    i have been waiting for a nice day to transplant my lemon plants because i want to do it outside
    but i dont want it to be cold on their little root systems
    i went and checked on my strawberry patch today & it seems to be doing pretty good!
    most of the strawberry plants i had transplanted into there are establishing themselves quite well!
    also my iris's are blooming!
    they are one of my favourite flowers
    however, last year i planted a new one along with the clump of old ones i had
    the new one is purple & white, the old ones are just purple
    & i dont really see the purple & white one, or where it can be? it might have died?
    my mom & dad took me to do some shopping stuff today
    we got some fruit! yay! strawberries & nectarines & a watermelon
    i am so happy about that
    we have been short on fruit & veggies, & i just cant stand not having that sort of stuff around
    we went to micheals & they had this sort of sale
    70% off the reduced price of clearance items & i got this printmaking kit for $15!!!
    i am very pleased with that!
    i dont have a baren & lost my lino cutter some time ago & its just an incredibly good deal
    i also got some strange blue yarn for my next rug
    we also went to dollarama and got a few things
    but unfortunately they did not have any hula hoops
    hopefully the one by my place might still have some & i can get a larger one?
    if not then thats ok too i guess
    right now i feel sleepy and hungry
    this past week i have been falling asleep while watching tv at night a lot
    and then waking up very very late hunched over on the couch
    some days i get myself up and stagger over home to go to sleep
    but a few days i have just said screw it and went to sleep on the couch for the night
    its strange though because its not like i have gotten sleepy and fallen asleep
    i wake up not knowing that i fell asleep in the first place
    i would think i might be getting anemic again, but i take iron pills every day?
    Sunday, June 15th, 2014
    9:06 pm
    today i went with my dad a few places, just for the ride, nothing exciting
    the highlight was going by a harveys & there was a sign that someone had altered, taken out the 'g' from 'angus' so it said: 100% anus burgers
    on the way home we stopped and picked up chinese food, i bought it for my dad for fathers day
    things are seeming strange to me today
    there is an email from micheals and the sale right now is 'the more you spend the more you save'
    the coupon is for: $5 off $25 or $10 off $50 or $15 off $75 or $20 off $100 or $25 off $125
    do they think that i do not know how to do math?
    each one of those deals is exactly the same, 20% off, how is spending more saving more?
    i suppose it is a bit right, like if i spent $35 i would still just get $5 off, not 20%
    but still...
    and another thing,
    i got some J.R.Watkins grapefruit dishsoap from because i was ordering something and needed to bump up my order total to get free shipping
    and i was reading the back of the bottle and it says: "Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing."
    ... on skin? i am not supposed to get this dishsoap on my skin? how the hell am i supposed to wash the dishes?
    oh this world is exhausting sometimes.
    Saturday, June 14th, 2014
    11:47 pm
    i went to a family & friends day at my sisters lawn bowling club today
    & got to try out lawn bowling
    it was kinda fun!
    i cant say i was too good at it, but i also was not too bad, so thats ok.
    it was quite warm out & very sunny & me being the fool i am did not put on sunscreen or wear a hat or anything sun smart
    so i am burnt on my head and around my neck/chest area
    oh well.
    in the evening i wanted to take a picture of the rug i made, so i took a bunch of pictures

    this is the rug i made
    i wish i could have shown my grandma, i think she would have really liked it
    i had been wanting to make one for awhile now but i needed to wait till spring/summer time to buy a hula hoop to use as the frame
    at least i know its something she would have been happy to see me do
    woven rug #1

    this is the little strawberry patch i dug
    its not very full, it has the 2 plants i bought from the store, the one from the front yard & the few i transplanted yesterday that are not doing too great today
    i think they will be ok though?
    i still have a whole bunch that need transplanting yet
    my little strawberry patch

    sprouting a sweet potato
    this is the sweet potato i have been sprouting
    i dont know if you can tell, but there are 5 sprouts starting, all below the water line for some reason?
    however! today i noticed that one spot on the top is going to start sprouting, possibly 2 spots, but the second might just be a bump, time will tell
    this second pic is just a closer picture of my largest sprout, you can see it has leaves!
    sprouting a sweet potato

    these are my lemon trees
    they actually turn 1 on july 5th
    i am going to transplant them soon, i just need to get around to it
    lemon trees

    & lastly, flowers from my front yard
    pansy ... pansy

    & osteospermum
    purple osteospermum ... purple osteospermum
    Friday, June 13th, 2014
    10:54 pm
    today has been a bit of an odd day
    i slept in quite late, about 2 hours later than i usually do if left to sleep as much as i want
    i decided to be productive and go work on the strawberries
    i thought i would dig them out and plant some, i figured that i could just use the hand shovel but no, that dirt is hard
    so i was using the big shovel and my dad came along to help and loosened up the dirt for me
    i was digging up the plants from that point and it started to rain on me, so i decided to stop and just plant what i had already dug (about 8 or so plants?)
    it would start to rain a bit and then stop and then start, who knows what this weather is like
    i dont think it ever really developed into full rain
    but i went and sat on the deck and cleaned out that discount pansy basket i bought the other day
    after all the dead stuff was removed it looks not so bad, a little bit wilted but i think it will perk up
    while i was sitting there on the steps doing all that a kitty cat walked by me
    it was the cat from down the block who sometimes is around here and sometimes lets me pet her?
    but hopefully she doesnt catch one of the little squirrels!
    i realized that it is actually 2 years today that my timmy cat died
    i knew it was around this time
    i still miss him a lot and think of him a lot, but it doesnt really hurt much anymore
    he was a good cat and had a good life
    its strange though, there are still some days, especially when i get home late at night, when i walk up the steps to the door i can almost here him meowing at me, like he used to do, saying where the hell have you guys been, let me in so i can eat!
    & i miss not having a kitty to pet
    i wish kujo would let me pet him, birds are actually incredibly soft and nice to pet
    but he is jumpy and does not like to be touched, so, that is not happening
    ... my poor timmy, i miss him.
    12:28 am
    i had a drB2 appointment today
    he had an.. intern or something? ..someone watching him
    so i only talk to him for a few min.
    i hate it when doctors have students or whatever
    well, it depends i guess
    i didnt have much to talk about anyway, though i could have elaborated on the little bit i did say
    but its all good
    my dad drove me there and then after we did a bit of shopping
    we went to this one walmart to look at the greenhouse
    & yikes!
    outside they had some dalias & roses & some larger perennials, all of which were really nice
    but then inside the greenhouse area ALL of the plants were all wilted and half dead
    they were horrible
    later in the evening my dad took me to lowes and i looked at the greenhouse there
    they had a few shelves of discount plants
    i got a hanging basket of pansies for $3.25
    it needs a bunch of work and some love, but well worth the low price
    and then i got a few packs of bedding plants, one of pansies and one of dianthuses
    they were only $0.50 each and both were fairly good, the dianthus was lovely but missing 2
    i went to go do some more work with my strawberries tonight
    but i did not get out there till 10pm and it started to get dark rather quickly
    and trying to find little strawberry leaves hiding in between weeds in low light is not so fun
    so hopefully i can finish that tomorrow
    i am also almost finished the rug i have been weaving
    i have been almost finished it for awhile but i keep adding more to it
    i measured it tonight and its got a diameter of 19" so i was thinking why not go for 20"?!
    so i will do that tonight!
    & i bought radishes to make radish pickles
    all the recipes i have found call for quite a bit of sugar & i am not so fond of sweet pickles
    sweet radishes might be ok though, i do not really mind sweet pickled onions i dont think
    experimentation time.
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