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    Sunday, May 24th, 2015
    8:40 pm
    hi hi
    i went out to the farm today with my mom & dad
    my dad has to read a meter for power or something & send in the number every month, so that is why we went
    my dad goes more often to take care of the yard and whatnot
    but its just not really the same without grandma
    me & mom looked around her perennial garden in the front of the house
    there was not much coming up yet, but stuff is starting to!
    there were some red tulips
    & there were these little blue flowers, they were so pretty!
    they were just scattered about & seemed to just be finishing blooming
    but we did find a clump of them near the house in full bloom
    so i did some research online and figured out that they are a type of scilla?
    i love blue flowers
    i think my mom should dig some up and put them in her front yard
    it is nice and shady and everything is low down and good for small flowers
    i want to get some of grandmas bachelors buttons and put them in my yard
    they were not coming up yet though.. so.. later i guess
    i took a little walk along this hill & there were SO MANY wild strawberries!!!!
    they were in bloom at the moment & there were little strawberry blossoms everywhere
    i think more than i have ever seen!
    i know at the top of that little hill was pretty much always the best place for them
    but they were all over that field!
    i know that last year the girls, well scarlett anyway, wanted to pick wild strawberries
    hopefully they will get a chance to go out there this summer and do that
    because this year there would be enough to fill a small container with them
    thats the only bad thing about wild strawberries, they are so tiny!
    we went in the house for a bit & i knew that on a shelf in one of the rooms there was some of my grandma's pottery
    so i went in there and looked through it a bit and i brought home 2 little containers that she made & a little pottery cylinder that someone else must have made because it has another signature on the bottom (but it is really thin and hard to read)

    when we got back in the city we met my sister at starbucks
    me & her were supposed to go there for iced tea because we had both got email coupons for double bonus stars with an iced tea purchase (whoo hoo)
    so, we did that
    & then we all stopped at tokyo express and picked up some food
    i got a veggie noodle bowl & when i got home and opened up & looked at it it was only half full!!
    i guess they filled it only as much as they fill the meat ones and just left off the meat.. but.. that does not seem right.
    no.. that is not right. i have got them before & they fill them more full
    + i am supposed to get some other veggies on top (cold ones, i do not know why?) and a few slices of tofu!
    i wonder if i still have the receipt?
    i should.. i had it.. i just dont remember where i put it.
    cause the bowl is just half full of noodles with no toppings at all
    hopefully they have someplace i can just email them about this?

    it has been pretty warm the last few days
    i am hoping to do a little more yard work this evening
    i should do it soon though because it is already 8:30
    i am working up the side of the house and it is LOTS of work
    in the end i hope to have a little herb garden there
    & hopefully plant some veggies!
    i also want to make a little fence out of branches, but i dont know if that will get done
    i am almost done pulling all the weeds
    but that is not even half of it!
    after that i need to break up the dirt and get out all the grass roots!!!
    in the end it should be really nice though!
    Saturday, May 16th, 2015
    12:17 am
    hello journal!
    i have not posted in a long time
    today i am feeling a bit off
    i had to wake up early because i had plans to go out for lunch with my sister because she had the day off work
    so i had my mom phone me to wake me up
    when i woke up i was kinda laying on my stomach, which is not so good
    usually when i wake up on my stomach i am uncomfortable and kinda hurt a bit in my ribcage area, kinda from pressure i guess.. but it goes away in a few min.
    but i woke up my shoulder hurt from the way i was sleeping & i was quite a bit of pain
    it was pain in my pelvic area.. quite bad
    i felt quite icky.
    i got up and went and called my mom back and told her i was up so she would stop calling
    then i went to the washroom and thought maybe it would be some sort of washroom issue (the pain that is)
    and then i went and sat on my bed for a bit & my sister called and left a message saying she was there outside in her car
    i was not even dressed or anything & the clothes i was going to wear were across the street at my folks place
    i was still in a bunch of pain but i got up and went to talk to her & i asked her if maybe we could wait half an hour or so
    she asked why? & i said i was kinda in pain (i was thinking it would just pass)
    i dont really remember what she said or if she said something
    but i was starting to feel really light headed and so i thought i would go inside cause i needed to get dressed anyway
    i walked around the car onto the boulevard & i collapsed on the ground!
    i did not lose consciousness or anything, but i just was standing and then i couldnt and fell on the ground
    luckily i was on the grass or i could of hurt myself!
    i just laid there for a bit
    i heard my sister call out to me but it kinda sounded like she was far away
    she asked if i needed to go to the doctor and stuff like that but then she came and i sat up and i said i was fine
    i just sat there for a bit and she asked me some questions
    and then i started to get cold and so i said we should go inside & i should drink some water because maybe i was dehydrated or something
    it sucked though because we had had these plans for weeks! & i had been looking forward to it
    after a bit i was not in so much pain anymore & we decided to go pick up some food & go back to my sisters house & watch a movie
    & it was an enjoyable afternoon

    other than that things have been going pretty well!
    i have been doing a bit of yard work & planning
    hopefully the summer will be good in regards to that stuff
    also, my cousin has been coming over every week to do art projects!!!
    & this has kept me inspired to do more mailart & other stuff throughout the rest of the week
    so.. that is always good!
    i started a new mailart call just to get myself immersed in it
    i always tend to be a bit more involved if i have a bit of responsibility

    but it is later than i would like it to be
    & i want to go across the street & eat my leftover pizza!
    hopefully i will keep on writing here more
    because that is another good thing for me to do too!
    good good.
    Monday, April 20th, 2015
    11:34 pm
    lemon leaves dont smell, stupid pinterest
    ugh. sometimes that site annoys me.
    i see those postings for growing lemons all the freaking time
    there are lots of stupid misinformation posts on there really...
    lemon leaves do not smell like lemons.

    so.. my cold is getting much better
    my throat is not really sore much & the glands in my neck are not as painful
    so that is good

    i did a bit of yardwork today
    i raked up this area by the garage & moved these pieces of old car or something? that were there
    there are these other metal .. things? with legs there that i dont think can really be moved because the cherry tree is growing right through them
    but thats ok
    i can work around them
    i wasnt really planning on it, but i think i might try and get in and clean out the raspberry patch a bit before it starts growing for the year
    right now i can see in there because its just a bunch of sticks
    also, the blueberries i planted last year are starting to come back!!! they have little buds on some of the branches!
    i am so happy about that!
    i got them super super cheep at the end of the season & planted them pretty late, so i was not sure if they would even come back
    also most of the perennials i planted in the front are already up! so yay to that!
    this year i want to do a bunch of work at the side of the house, plant some stuff there
    & maybe try and make the area right behind my house a little bit nicer so that i can go and sit out there & do stuff!

    in not so great news, i am a little bit concerned about my toe
    just because it is not really getting any better
    i think i will try and make a dr appointment tomorrow
    i mean, if it is broken there is not really anything they can do for a broken toe anyway i dont think
    but he might have a few tips on how to tape it up or something?
    cause i was looking & i think i hurt it on the 9th or 10th?
    so that is over a week ago
    it doesnt hurt too bad really unless i bump it against something, step on it a little funny, or step on something uneven
    OR walking sometimes
    or when i put shoes on & walk
    i got out my crocs because they happen to be really comfy shoes that are pretty wide and i figured they would not put much pressure on it, so i have been using those
    i attempted to put my regular shoes on again today & that was pretty ouch
    yesterday i did a little bit of walking (and by that i mean i went to the grocery store) & after that my foot was pretty sore
    so.. this has a week and a half, if it was just a bump it should be getting much better by now
    & at least if i go to the doc i can find out what exactly is wrong & get an idea of what i should be doing & how much i should be pushing myself
    cause who knows.. i could be doing more damage
    i kinda looked up some pictures online of broken little toes, and some of the bruising patterns matched what i have ugh.
    stupid toe.
    i must have really needed to go to the washroom or something?

    in good news..
    i made pizza dough & i am going to go make me some pizza!
    hopefully it is super duper yummy!
    i need to find some sort of sauce to use though, because i think we dont have any..
    i am sure we have some sort of pasta sauce though.. that will have to do
    and roasted veggies! i need more broccoli!!!!!
    Friday, April 17th, 2015
    1:50 am

    so, i hurt my toe right?
    when i walked into the door frame
    and the consensus seems to be that i may have broke it
    because well, it bruised up really bad after that
    & well.. i dont know why.
    anyway.. we are signed up to do this walk for the kids help phone in the beginning of may
    it is a 5km walk
    i do not usually walk 5km
    i am sure i can do it, but...
    i had previously planned to walk part way home from downtown after my doctors appointments to just get in the habit of walking that distance
    walking from drBs to stadium station is 5ks, from drB2s is 4ks
    so, i had a drB2 appointment yesterday & i had previously planned to walk that distance
    however, just walking half a block to the bus and my foot hurt
    after my appointment however i decided to walk to the downtown mall to look at the dollarstore
    this is just under 2kms, not that far really
    so, i did that, looked at the store, then i took the bus to the walmart near my place to get some fruit & then i went home
    well.. my foot hurt
    i thought after some rest it would be better, but it hurt all night
    at the end of the night my mom noticed that my whole foot & ankle were swollen quite a bit
    stupid foot

    & then today i woke up with a cold starting
    i was feeling it a bit last night & hoping it would just go away
    but i woke up this morning with a sore sore throat
    i was doing a bit of things in my kitchen at home & started to feel super hot and like i was going to pass out
    so i had to go lay down and take off some of my clothes to cool off
    after a bit i felt somewhat better, i put on cooler clothes and came over to my folks place because people were coming over for a movie night
    so we watched a movie
    but my body feels sore and weak
    my throat hurts
    i have glands in my neck that are swollen and sore
    and i just feel plain old icky
    my foot however feels somewhat better than yesterday, so that is good.
    i am hoping that this cold does not get any worse than this though
    because i do not like it
    not one bit.
    Friday, April 10th, 2015
    9:20 pm
    hello world.

    did i tell you that i hurt my toe!
    ugh. so.. i guess that i woke up to go to the washroom in the middle of the night (i dont really remember that part) but instead of walking through the door into the washroom i walked straight into the door frame
    ouch. that kinda woke me up.
    i banged my whole body into it, but the worst part was i kicked it with my little toe somehow & it HURT!
    when i took my sock off the next evening i saw that the top of my toe (at the joint near my foot) was all bruised & dark purple & whatnot
    & THEN!
    that evening when i was at home..
    i have this little stool in my kitchen area, which is kinda like a hallway, and as i was walking through to my bedroom i accidentally walked into/kicked the stupid stool with my injured little toe. OUCH!!!! that hurt lots! i have done that before with that stupid stool & i try not to keep it there but usually i just leave it wherever i used it last just pushed up to the wall..
    today my toe is still all bruised and the bruise has radiated down into a yellowish/greenish circle that extends about an inch - 1.5" down my foot
    i might have broke it?
    i think it is my other little toe that i probably broke before
    i never went to the doc about it but years later i had that foot xrayed for something else and asked the doc about it & he said it looked like it had been broken in the past
    that toe was a little displaced i think too
    it no longer touches the floor when i am standing normally & i cant really move it properly
    stupid toes
    as long as i dont bang this one again things should be fine

    my cousin is turning 30
    my aunt has asked me to make some iced tea for her birthday dinner on sunday
    i am going to make some syrups to sweeten them
    definitely a citrus one, i have lemons & limes that need using up + we have some oranges if i want to use that
    & maybe some strawberry stuff because that just sounds good & i know there are strawberries on sale this week

    oh! i made carrot fries yesterday
    from here:
    they were so good!
    i normally do not like cooked carrots. i dont mind roasted carrots.
    but these tasted like something totally different! kinda like sweet potato fries, but different! i really liked them! i think i will make more tonight.
    plus i made a big tray full & it was only around 200 calories

    i was going to write a bit about my feelings & thoughts about that sort of stuff but i have decided against it. i have not been depressed lately, which is super good! but i have been stuck, which is not. i have also been rather isolated which is not so good (though i dont really feel lonely). i dont know. i am a confused creature.
    instead i will make these:
    Sunday, April 5th, 2015
    1:07 am
    Saturday, April 4th, 2015
    3:23 am
    happy easter!
    we decorated eggs today! it was fun but we did it in the morning so i had to wake up way too early, not so impressed about that. normally we do it in the afternoon, which is still too early, but better. i only dyed a few, mostly played with rubber bands.
    i actually remembered to go to goodwill & look for silk ties for the silk dying technique that i have been wanting to try for YEARS! however i did not get a chance to do it yet, i might tomorrow. i thought it might be quite difficult to find 100% silk ties but actually most of the ties there were. perhaps they just got a lot from someone who mainly bought expensive ties though? however they were kind of expensive, a lot of them were around $8 or so, which was way more than i wanted to pay. they had a sale going on though with everything with a red tag being 50% off & i found a couple that were around $5 & had red tags, so that is what i got!
    in the evening we had our movie night. we watched 'birdman' which was just.. eh.
    i had cut up a bunch of veggies to make myself quesadillas because my mom had made everyone hotdogs for supper & i dont eat those, however i was not really that hungry at the time so i just left them on a plate on the shelf (across the kitchen from the shelf where all the other food was). i was thinking 'i bet my uncle is going to eat these, i should probably put them away better' but i didnt & he did. ugh. it was just some red peppers & onions & mushrooms, but it is so annoying, i mean, if i was at someone's house & they had some food cut up on the shelf away from all the other food i would probably think 'someone has probably cut up this food for some reason & i should probably ask before i take it'.
    oh well.
    oh! i checked on my seeds last night! it was actually the first time i have checked on them. i dont know where time is going? i thought it had just been maybe a week since i had planted them but i guess it has been 2? anyway, they are in a tray with a plastic lid overtop of them & you cant really see through it because of condensation, so i opened it up & was expecting maybe a few little sprouts & WOW! almost everything is up! my cauliflower & broccoli plants are probably about an inch tall, my basil plants are all sprouted, my lemon balm has little tiny sprouts! the lavender is the only thing that has not spouted. but the craziest things are the morning glories! they are HUGE! they are probably about 3 or 4 inches tall & have 2 big double leaves! i was kinda not even expecting them to grow, they are old seeds & i have never grown them before, i hope they do well!
    also today, i have taken a book from the library: artisan bread in 5min a day. i attempted to make a batch of the dough this evening & ... well, i dont know if it is going to work at all. i did a half batch of the 'master recipe' or whatever it is called. i had actually read all the instructions & everything, apparently canadian flour has more protein & you need to add some extra water, so i did that, but it was still super super dry. it said it is supposed to be wet & uniform, wet enough to conform to the container it was in, it did not. i tried adding extra water, i ended up adding an additional 1/4 cup, but its hard to mix in more water after. i hope it ends up working.
    i guess i am not having luck with baking. i had a cheesecake disaster yesterday. well i guess it was not too much of a disaster really. it was supposed to be cooked in a water bath sort of thing, i had it in a spring form pan & i even wrapped it in foil but when i poured the water in the tray my cake filled with water!!!! ugh. i tried pouring out as much as possible & ended up just putting it on a baking sheet & baking it like that & it turned out not too bad i think. it is for easter.
    that was a time mix up too, i was thinking yesterday was today & i wanted to make it so that i would have less to do on saturday. i was thinking to make the cake friday, which is today not yesterday, ugh. tomorrow i need to make a fruit salad & i am making some roasted veggies. i bought some purple cauliflower! & am making a lovely colourful roasted veggie dish, yay!
    Sunday, March 29th, 2015
    12:12 am
    i have not posted in a long time because i have been super lazy in regards to online things
    well, i did sign up for an online class
    one of the free ones offered through the library
    it is called 'math refresher' & it is super duper easy & not really what i thought it would be
    i had no idea what these classes would be like at all so i thought i would try this one
    but so far it is way too easy for me
    but i figured i would just go ahead and finish it, its not like it takes up a lot of time or anything & you dont have to hand in assignments or things like that
    after realizing that this one was going to be way to easy i signed up for another one, a camera class & that one is kinda a bust too
    i thought it was going to be about photography but it is not
    it is about how cameras work
    which i guess is interesting, but.. oh well.
    since these classes are not that difficult & do not require a lot of commitment i am more eager to sign up for some more later on that might be a little more difficult because i might actually learn things
    (well, i will be learning things in this camera one too)

    i planted seeds today finally!
    it took so long though!!! about 2 hours i think, maybe a bit more or maybe a bit less, i dont remember what time i started really
    i did not plant that many even
    i planted some basil, lemon balm, lavender, broccoli, cauliflower & some morning glories
    & only 9 pots of most of them, 6 morning glories & 8 lavender
    + i had already filled them with dirt
    so i dont know why it took so long
    well.. i did write on each one what i put in them & stuff like that
    but now my back hurts & i am not sure why that is either? i did all this sitting at the table

    it is getting drier out again, which is good
    almost all the snow had melted & it was getting nice & warm
    i had started wearing my shoes instead of my boots
    & then it snowed about 5inches overnight & kept snowing
    i was not impressed
    but now almost all the snow is gone again
    i am really looking forward to spring

    also easter kinda snuck up on me
    i thought there was a little more time
    a whole bunch of the (extended) family is not going to be here though
    hopefully the girls will come over to do eggs!
    i like easter
    i bought some silk ties from goodwill to try & do the silk dying thing
    also i want to try & find a nice cheesecake recipe
    i know how to make cheesecake, but maybe something a bit fancier
    & also without a crust or with a gluten free crust so that my sister can eat it
    & possibly one that uses some ricotta because i have a bunch of ricotta left over in the fridge that needs using up!

    but my back.
    Tuesday, March 17th, 2015
    1:29 am
    hello dear livejournal
    so what has been going on?
    well.. my bottom lip has been annoying me
    at first i had this kinda raw sort of feeling on the inner part, but that is gone
    but for the past several days just the lip has been feeling really weird and bothersome
    i have just been hoping it would go away, because, well, that is what i do
    but then yesterday it occurred to me - maybe my lip is just chapped?!
    i am such an idiot.
    my lips are pretty much never dry & i do not even own any chapstick or lip balm or stuff like that
    well, that is not true
    i think i might have some lip balm somewhere that i got from someplace
    because they always give out that stuff
    but often it is mint flavour & i cant use that anyway because i am allergic to it
    so i guess i will have to go & buy some & hopefully that will help!
    what else?
    i went & bought some seeds today!
    i want to start some seeds indoors this year
    i bought cauliflower & broccoli seeds as well as some lavender & this fancy dancy weird thing that just looked really neat, i forget what it was called but it was a relative of spinach & had amazing flowers
    i also have some lemon balm seeds that i bought last year that i will give a go at
    i am also doing a great quest to make homemade glue sticks
    i am doing glue trials right now
    i have made 3 types of homemade glue & am testing them out
    i need to search for some more recipes & do some more research & hopefully come up with the perfect recipe that is easy to make, works well & is long lasting!
    i also attempted to do my taxes tonight
    usually doing my taxes is super easy because i really make no money
    but i started at it & right away it told me to fill out a new form that i had never done before
    so.. eek!
    i guess i will have to actually look at it a bit closer?
    i also have another little project planned
    sort of?
    i am just wanting to get some cheepo easter eggs from the dollarstore
    (i got some nice ones from target for cheep because they are closing down & everything is 30-50% off, so they were 70cents)
    & put stuff in them & leave them places for people to find
    i need to think of good stuff to put in them though
    & a pleasant little note or something to put in them as well to cheer up their day!
    leave them around downtown or something when i am out
    it is not necessarily an easter project, the eggs are just a good vehicle of delivery
    i am going to the art gallery with my cousin on wed.
    & the snap gallery, which is a print place.. Society of Northern Alberta Print artists
    it is not just a gallery but a print shop where they have classes & all sorts of equipment & stuff
    i have never been there before
    right now they have an exhibit of 'mini' prints
    so i am kinda excited about our art gallery adventure!
    & art related
    i am starting to do a sculpture with left over clay that i brought home from last pottery class!
    it will be a kitty cat!
    i have not started working with the clay yet (well, i am softening it up with water)
    but yesterday i started working on a form for it with newspaper & tape & a bamboo skewer!
    it is not going to be too large (hopefully) maybe about 8" tall
    a sitting kitty!
    i printed off a few photos of sitting cats & drawing anatomy because i no longer have a real cat to look at anymore
    but i think it will be fun!
    i hope it turns out good!
    wow! that was lots of stuff!
    Tuesday, March 10th, 2015
    12:00 am
    i guess someone stole my credit card info???
    today a lady called me from the credit card company to check a purchase with me
    i dont really remember what it was for, something to do with computers i think?
    but it was for something like $410
    she asked if i had made this purchase, it was an online purchase
    um.. nope.
    she confirmed my 2 previous purchases
    one last night (or well.. like, 1am this morning) online for prints
    & another online purchase several days ago
    i do not use my credit card that often
    so fortunately this is the first time (well, i hope it is anyway! maybe they used it before then?) that this person has attempted to use it
    so she blocked that purchase & cancelled my card
    & i will be getting a new one sent out with a new number & everything
    but that kinda sucks
    i have only made online purchases at a few stores that are well established and should be reliable
    but this machine has been extremely slow lately, so maybe there is some nastiness on it?
    hopefully this is all fixed by the cancelling of the card though!!!
    Thursday, March 5th, 2015
    11:12 pm
    i have not posted in ages!!!!
    so, what has been going on?
    not much
    i did that coldest night of the year walk with my family
    that was kinda neat
    it was just a 2k walk & they had dinner for us after
    which was really swell!
    they veggie chilli! it was really yummy!
    this past week or 2 i have not been feeling the greatest
    today i was at abbotsfield for a bit
    my mom had a dr appt. & i went with her
    while she was doing that i went & got my blood done
    then i walked around a bit, i looked at this health store there
    then looked around walmart for a bit
    then ate a cup of yogurt i brought with me
    then i looked at the new dollar tree store that just opened up (yay!!!)
    i was just strolling around slowly cause i had to wait for my mom
    but i was starting to feel sick, uck.
    just as i finished looking at everything there my mom got there
    & fortunately my dad was there too, so we got a ride home
    i had a nap later
    this evening i also made a HUGE pot of veggie soup!
    i hope it ends up being good, i havent tried it yet because it is still simmering on the stove
    my back hurts right now too
    & my shoulders
    i went & did some stuff yesterday & i went to the library & picked up some books
    i should have left them there & picked them up later when i had a ride because they were big heavy books
    so i was carrying them around + groceries
    & now my shoulders are kinda sore
    Monday, February 16th, 2015
    1:30 am
    happy birthday to me!!!
    i didnt really do anything much today
    except sleep lots
    but thats ok!
    pretty much anything would have made this a better birthday than last year, which was my grandmas funeral
    so, my tulips bloomed for me for my birthday!
    they are so pretty!

    forcedtulipsbloom 030

    forcedtulipsbloom 025

    i also got my mini camera in the mail a few days ago (this one)
    & i tried it out today & got it to work! so that is super!
    i also bought one of those twin lens reflex camera kits
    which i still have not put together
    i want to do that soon & give that a try
    it is still pretty snowy out there though, its not too much fun to take pics in the winter sometimes because everything is so white! (or muddy)
    oh well!
    i am going to go eat my left over pizza!
    & fruit salad!
    i have been making lots & lots & lots of fruit salad lately
    it usually consists of strawberries, blackberries, kiwi & mango
    but this one also has pineapple in it too because i got one of those the other day & it is very tasty!
    i took off the top & am going to try & root it!
    Saturday, February 14th, 2015
    1:30 am
    double posting, wowzerz!
    tomorrow is valentines day!
    i get to go to boston pizza with my sister
    schmancy, i know!
    but it used to be a tradition, way back when.. like, in high school
    they make heart shaped pizzas, which are kinda nifty
    & my sister is going to try out the gluten free pasta
    i actually prefer getting pasta there to pizza, but whatever
    tomorrow is a heart shaped pizza day!
    i also have a birthday coupon! for a free dessert!
    so i am going to get a fancy dancy yummy dessert! yay!!!
    speaking of fancy dancy yummy desserts,
    my dad is friends with the owner of a local donut & coffee shop
    he makes all his donuts fresh, they are really quite good!
    he made heart shaped cream filled donuts for valentines day!
    they are so pretty!
    valentinedonut 004

    i bought valentines for people this year!
    well.. for the girls (my nieces!)
    i got them at the dollar store, they have little 1" pins on them, so cute!
    i also was at staples the other day & got them each a couple of pink/red smelly pens
    & i have a heart shaped sucker for them too!
    such fun!
    & then i have absolutely no plans for my birthday...
    i might decide to invite folks over for cake at the end of next week?
    better late than never eh?
    apparently we have been invited to my aunts house for pancake dinner for family day on monday!
    i am gonna bring some nectarine jam to put on them (it is SO GOOD!)
    1:01 am
    ugh. i feel strange
    i am still having those fever things..
    i went to ikea today with my sister & dad
    i got some nifty little box/bag thingies
    i guess they are baskets! (according to the site)
    they had 3 different sizes & i got 1 of each, well, 2 of the middle size
    i did the whole self check out thing & when i rang the largest one in first
    this one:
    it went in for $3.99
    so i called the guy over & said that i thought it was supposed to be $1.99
    it said they were 2/$1.99???
    but he was not helpful at all, so i just did not get it
    & i see that it is listed online for $1.99, so i was right!
    the other sizes went in right
    the middle ones are not on the site? (they were $1.25 i think?)
    i am super excited about them! they are made of a plastic-ish material sorta
    very sturdy
    i am hoping to grow some sweet potatoes this year! & i do believe i am going to need to start them in march sometime
    well.. they wont be able to be planted until mid may? probably
    so they are going to need to be growing inside the house for a couple of months
    & i think these bags will be perfect!
    i think the med. size will be good enough, but i would have liked to have the larger size as well
    i still can get some another time
    & SO CHEAP! you can not get a plant pot for less than $1
    i also got some lingon berry syrup, so yummy!
    i have my beloved soda stream & i put a tbsp of lingon berry syrup in a glass of fizzy water, just lightly flavours it & it is so yum!
    Wednesday, February 11th, 2015
    9:51 pm
    it is random acts of kindness week
    i have not done any random acts of kindness
    i was watching the news & they were talking about it, the one guy was saying how the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intentions
    which is very very true
    there has been a few times where total strangers have done some small kind things for me
    things that might seem really insignificant but really stayed with me
    the most impactful of them being simply asking if i was ok
    there have been times in my life where i have been out there walking around & i might not necessarily have been ok, so yeah..
    one time i was at a grocery store, i had just came from a drB appointment where i had done a lot of crying & was actually feeling a lot better than when i was early & was ok, but i probably didnt look it
    i stopped at this grocery store that was right next to his office to pick up a drink or some fruit or something & the lady at the cashier asked if i was alright, she said it looked like i had been crying & wanted to make sure i was ok
    it meant a lot that someone took the time notice & cared enough to ask
    another time i was also leaving a drB appointment, this time i was not so ok
    however i had just called my dad & he was coming to pick me up & i was waiting for him at the side of the road sitting on the curb kinda just staring at the street
    lots of people were walking down the street past me (this is a main ave downtown) & one lady stopped to ask if i was ok
    i told her that i was ok & was just waiting for a ride
    she said, well ok & left, but a min or so later she came back & asked if i wanted her to wait with me & wanted to be sure that i was ok
    how amazing is that?
    i think i said i was ok & that my ride should be here soon, but how kind of her?
    little things like this at these moments in my life made a big impact on me
    when someone is feeling depressed, little things do help
    i mean, at the moment maybe it doesnt seem to make a huge difference, but it kinda sticks & it matters

    & other things
    like this one time i fell on the lrt, i was walking to a seat when it started & it started with a jerk & i stumbled and fell right flat on my face
    & 2 or 3 people came & rushed right over to help me up
    i was kinda surprised, i dont know why but i sorta expected everyone to just sit there
    but i was very grateful

    & then i had a more modern random act of kindness at christmas time (i think 2 years ago?)
    i was coming into a grocery store & this younger lady came up to me, fairly close
    i thought she was just not watching where she was going & was going to walk into me
    & she handed me a gift card for $20 to the grocery store & kinda nervously said that she was 'doing a random act of kindness thing'
    so i said, oh, ok, thanks. & that was that.


    so, say please & thank you. & excuse me.
    & i am sorry.
    clam down & dont be in such a hurry, relax.
    say 'oh well' and try again or move on when things dont go perfect instead of getting in a huff about it
    when you see someone upset or hurt ask them if they are ok
    try and help, try not to hurt
    & be kind.

    & here is a picture to brighten your day
    students made these posters with little tabs to pull off with happy little messages
    this one i found particularly amusing
    it is kinda game themed & yo momma's fabulous!

    (i took the "you get a 1up!" one!!!)
    1:51 am
    i had drB today
    my dad gave me a ride, but i took the bus home
    on the way back i stopped at save on to do some grocery shopping
    gardein was on sale, $2.99 & i had $1off coupons!!
    i was really hoping they would have the fake ground beef stuff because i wanted to try that, but they didnt
    i got chicken sliders though, those are yum! & bean burgers, which i have never tried
    on the way home, when i got to coliseum station & was waiting for my last bus home my little toe on my right foot started to hurt
    it was OUCH!.. weird?
    i looked down & there was a hole in my boot at that spot, but i did not think it was a new hole?
    well, i got on the bus to go home, i got off at my stop & there is a half a block walk home
    as i was walking home my toe was hurting a lot
    every time i stepped on it, OUCH! it was a weird pain, like something was jabbing into it or something? i was not sure what the pain was, it was really weird?
    it was just half a block, so i was just going to make it home & check it out
    i got home & took off my boot
    there was nothing going on in my boot
    so i took my sock off
    & there was this string that was attached to my sock that had wrapped itself around my little toe & was trying to kill the thing
    it was cutting into it, my toe was all red & there was a deep line where the string was wrapped around, it nearly cut the skin
    stupid sock!
    was the strangest thing ever!
    Monday, February 9th, 2015
    9:48 pm
    hey, hey, its been awhile
    i have not been very social
    i guess
    i was thinking i should try to be more social online, try to use twitter or even facebook
    but i just dont have it in me lately
    i dont feel like looking at stuff & i have nothing to say on these things
    yesterday i finally went & caught up on my pinterest page
    i look to look at everything people have posted that is on my main page
    i see neat things there
    but i had not done it for days and days and days, so there was lots of crap to sort through

    so whats been going on?
    well, i took that basket weaving class!
    it was kinda neat!
    i was having a bit of trouble at first because my stick things were so thin
    when i started weaving through them the branches would not stay down
    but this girl who was sitting next to me helped me out a lot, she held them down while i weaved the first few layers
    so nice of her!
    i seemed to be slower than everyone, probably because i had to use really thin branches because of those issues
    but there was another girl who was slower too because she did a really tall basket, so that was good
    after i finished, everyone was gone & the instructor lady was cleaning everything up
    i was in no hurry, so i decided to help her out
    i was picking up all the random whole branches that were laying around and she asked 'what are you doing?'
    i said, oh, i am just helping you clean up
    she made some comment about how the little branches would only be good for making little baskets
    so i picked up the branches & picked up some clipper things & the these little tables, all that was left was stuff that needed sweeping & there was no broom.. so i left
    writing it down it doesnt sound so much, but it was kinda strange.. she totally did not acknowledge me helping her at all
    its not like i helped her for all sorts of praise and gratitude, i just did it to be helpful, but typically people at least say thanks or something when someone helps them?

    my cousin & his wife left for france today!
    he is moving there
    he is going to do research (&teach? i dont know about that?) for his doctorate at some university there
    he has an engineering masters degree & i believe is doing something to do with some sort of metal
    i dont know, he told me but i forget
    so that is kinda exciting, but also sad that they are leaving

    i slept in super late today
    which was nice
    i wanted to sleep sleep sleep today!

    i am planning on doing this walk thing, coldest night of the year
    it is all about raising money for places that help the homeless, the money (here) goes to the hope mission
    i asked my brother if their family would do it with me & surprisingly they said yes
    except then he said only if my mom & dad do it too
    & my sister will
    so i am kinda excited about that
    usually people dont really want to do things with me (well, my family anyway, except maybe my sister sometimes)
    my brother said i should see if anyone else in the (extended) family wants to do it as well
    (they are more likely to do things with me, but not this type of thing)

    this post is getting long
    i am going to go do some research on oatmeal
    i have been experimenting with different types of oats
    i made steel cut oats for the first time (yum!) made this baked coconut blueberry thing
    & the other day i made this overnight strawberry white chocolate oatmeal thing
    but i had bought some scotch oats a long time ago, which i thought were the same thing as steel cut oats (& preliminary research says they are) & i found them the other day, but they are nothing at all like the steel cut oats that i just made???
    so, i need to find out what they are? (they were bulk)

    & this is really nifty!
    ~end post!~
    Saturday, January 31st, 2015
    2:44 am
    oh today.
    i had big plans for today.
    i got up today & was eating some breakfast, coconut yogurt if you must know, & the neighbour called
    she is an elderly lady with reduced mobility & my dad often helps her out with things
    i guess she couldnt get out of her chair, so i went over to help her because my dad was not home
    then later i went downtown
    i went to the library first and returned some overdue books
    & then went to this outdoor market that was taking place today! that was kinda neat
    i got this postcard from this guy who made these ..well, postcards (& tshirts) with logos? he designed for every community in the city
    so i got the postcard for my area of the city and the 6 or 7 or 8 or howevermany communities in it
    it is a neat project that he did
    i also got another postcard from this other guy who i have seen at multiple events, i should have got a magnet but he didnt have one of the river valley that i wanted but they had some at the store that was just across the square.. ugh, whatever.
    my brother-in-law's sister makes neat-o pickles and sells them at farmers markets & events, she was there & talked to her for awhile
    then i walked through the mall & looked at dollarama & bought some valentines
    i wanted to go to this "illumiNITE" thing that sounds really super great! here is a description:
    "illumiNITE will transform Beaver Hills Park in downtown Edmonton with
    an outdoor gallery of light installations and sculptures. Highlighting the
    works of local artists and designers, illumiNITE seeks to animate and bring
    vibrancy to parks and public spaces that are often lost in the darkness and
    cold of downtown. Enjoy the entertainment and activities as well.", i walked down there
    beaver hills park is on jasper and 105th street
    i walked up 102nd street and then down jasper to there
    i got to the park & ... it was dark. there was nothing there, nothing, dark, nothing.
    this event is supposed to be happening jan 29th - 31st & it is the 30th, so it should be right in the middle of it.
    multiple sources online say this, a printed book of events happening this winter put out by the city say this.. ugh. so disappointing.
    i tried to look online to find out what the hell is going on & i did find an illuminite twitter page that said that it was indeed happening
    apparently it is going on down 104th street?
    i walked past 104th street, i looked down 104th street
    it didnt really look like too much was happening down there? i dont know.
    they should have put a sign up or something?
    but whatever.
    i also had much difficulties finding a starbucks
    yesterday i went online to find out where there were some & i wrote down the addresses & according to them i should have past about 3 of them but i didnt pass any???
    so after the bust at beaver hills park i walked the few more blocks to 109th street where i knew one was
    i wanted to buy this edmonton mug from there
    my cousin & his wife are moving to france & i thought it would be a good gift for them
    i think? i know its a breakable item that they will have to pack and bring with them, but it is also a practical item & it will remind them of home
    so.. hopefully it is a good idea?
    now i am sooooooo thirsty!
    Wednesday, January 28th, 2015
    12:31 am
    had a drB appointment
    when i got up this morning & went outside i thought, ick, its kinda cold out
    & it was colder today than it has been for awhile
    right down the street from drBs there is this big light up billboard type thing & it posts the time & temp.
    it said it was 2 degrees out
    2 above 0
    in the middle of winter 2 is kinda cold, rather pathetic
    maybe -22 is kinda cold

    went to the legislature grounds with my cousin & her husband
    what is he in terms of relations? i guess cousin-in-law... that is just a mouthfull
    i guess its less than my cousin's husband though
    we saw bunnies!
    legislature 005
    the lights were pretty, all different colours, which i like
    legislature 008
    and the bridge was lit up orange & blue, so i am thinking there must have been a hockey game tonight?
    legislature 009
    i am glad we got a chance to walk around & see it before they took all the lights down. & am also glad that we finished our little walk right before it started to rain! no slipping & sliding for me thanks.
    legislature 012

    my mini camera thing arrived back in china! yay! i was worried it was going to get lost in the mail. so i ordered a new one, hopefully the refund of the old one will go through with no problem. now all my online problems are fixed! well.. as long as refunds go through & i am still waiting for that tim hortons gift card but i was assured that it is being sent right away.
    i am seriously considering ordering some stickers from! i better consider it quickly cause i have to do it tonight i think? they are on sale for 25% off & i would get a little book of 90 all different ones of my photos.. well, not ALL different, i would probably get 30 different ones so that i would have 3 of each! i think i should do it!
    i am also considering doing this walk: it is on feb21st in the evening & is to raise money for ...well here it is for the hope mission. here there is a 2km, 5km & 10km walk, i could definitely do the 2km one, i am unsure about the 5km? i mean, i could do it, weather or not it would be enjoyable is a different story? another thing is i dont know if anyone would do it with me. possibly my sister? i could ask if my brother & anyone in his family, like my nieces would, but i think it would be too late for them. if someone would do it with me then i would for sure but.. i dont know, walking in the cold by myself.. eh.
    Tuesday, January 27th, 2015
    2:13 am
    oh livejournal, i think i have a fever
    i am all hot & cold at the same time.. but very hot.. ugh.
    i have been having flank pain which makes me think that maybe i have some sort of infection? with these random fevers i have been having? but i also have my period, so i can blame the pain on that i suppose, though it is not cramps? i have also been having a bit of a sore throat the past 2? days & getting my weird stomach pains.. ugh. i hope it all just goes away, i am doing my ignore it thing.
    yesterday & today i made liquid fireworks! from a thing i saw on pinterest. i tried it a bunch of times & took pictures, it was fun!
    waterfireworks 111

    i have plans for tomorrow to go meet my cousin & go look at the christmas lights on the trees in the legislature grounds! they are only up until the end of the month! hopefully the weather is nice & it is not super slushy or icy! (this reminds me i better charge my camera battery!!!)
    i went with my sister yesterday to the dog park & it was SO SLUSHY!!! my boots are still soaked from that! ugh.

    i am SO HOT! & i swear, my back hurts like infection... i know that is a weird thing to say but long time ago when i was rather sick with my gallbladder & gallstones & stuff. & my gallbladder was infected & i was in pain & no one believed me .. i had weird back pain when my insides were all messed up, i finally got tested because i went to a stupid medicenter & they did a urine test & it showed infection. they gave me antibiotics & that week i felt better than i had felt in AGES! so much better. but then i finished the round of antibiotics & went back & did another urine test & it still showed infection because i obviously had more than a simple bladder infection. but the doctor there, it was a lady & she was a bitch & made me feel really bad & i got pissed off & never went back for further tests because of that so i got to be in more pain for a lot longer because i am an idiot.
    but anyway...
    hopefully it is just bile & period & strange fever for no reason all mixed together to make me feel icky & it will just go away & life will be good & everyone will live happily ever after.
    in the meantime i made myself food awhile ago & i should go eat it. i need to start eating on a better schedule.
    OH OH OH!
    i am so excited about something!!!
    i bought some fresh figs!
    i have wanted to try fresh figs in ages! i have seen them in the store maybe 2 or 3 times before but they have always been sold in larger containers for large amounts of money & i never wanted to pay so much for a big amount in case i do not like them. H&W had a few containers of little ones for $2! i looked through all of them, most of them were quite soft, i am not sure what a good fig should be but i figured that it shouldnt be super squishy, i think i got a fairly good pack out of what was there! i am looking forward to trying them!
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