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    Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
    12:44 am
    i am liking my new camera
    the only thing i am not liking & i think i have said this several times, is the fact that the battery life is not that long
    in fact it is charging right now, i think this is the 3rd time i have had to recharge it & i have had the thing less than a week
    i have probably been taking an abnormally large amount of pictures with it because its new, but, still...
    light stick 3/7 ... light stick 4/7 ... light stick 7/7

    today (and yesterday) i was playing with the "color accent" feature which allows you to select a single colour & make everything else black & white
    like selecting just pink:
    or selecting just green:

    its kinda a neat feature!
    i was trying out taking pictures of myself the other day. my eyes are pretty green lately, so i had selected just green & i also happened to have a green shirt on, so everything was black & white except my shirt & my eyes. i wondered if maybe i selected blue if it would possibly bring out some blue from my eyes, so i tried that today. i selected a blue colour & took a picture, the shirt i had on today is blueish, so in the picture the shirt was blue, but my eyes were still black & white. i guess my eyes are just green.
    sometime i want to start trying taking videos with my camera. i dont think you can really use the option features with the videos but i am thinking that it might be fun to make some little videos of things going on around here to send to my cousin who is out of the country for the next 11 months! especially around holidays & stuff! hopefully it works ok.
    Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
    7:08 pm
    it was hot out today! 25! so nice to have hot weather again for a bit!
    i had drB today & on the way back i stopped at this shoe store to try on some boots
    i stopped there because they have BOGS!
    i was so wanting to love them!
    colourful rubber boots that are heat rated to -40 degrees! what's not to love?
    so, i tried them on. they fit OK
    my feet are weird. my left foot is bigger than my right foot by almost a size
    the lady there sized my feet & she said my right foot measured at about an 7.5-8ish (i think?) & my left foot is about a size bigger
    she said she would get the size 9s because they fit a bit small
    the length was ok i guess but the width at my ankle i guess? was a bit tight? so i tried a size 10 & that fit better
    but like i said, they only fit OK. & they cost $120
    i also tried on a pair of Sorel Tivoli 2s which fit pretty good (the size 10)!
    they were lace up, but they were nice & soft inside. except they cost $150!!!
    i can probably find them cheaper somewhere else though.
    i have seen sorel boots online a bunch of places but have thought they would be too tall for my liking, but these were ok.
    i HATE trying on new shoes because they never feel comfortable on me but my boots, which i have had for years, have a hole in them so i need new ones.
    i wish i knew what brand/type they were so i could look in that direction. any hint of a logo inside or on the sole has long been worn off & all i remember is i bought them from the bay on sale
    they are blue & zip up in the front so are extremely easy to take off & on, plus they are (were) waterproof & very warm! so i have had many winters with warm dry feet.
    oh well.
    ALSO! i went to oodle noodle! yum!
    they have changed their tofu! it was changed last time i went their too, which was quite awhile ago. i am not a huge tofu fan but somehow they had made amazingly yummy tasting tofu?! this new stuff still tastes surprisingly good, but not as good as it used to.

    Sunday, September 14th, 2014
    12:58 am
    i feel like a bad person.
    my mom was talking on the phone to my uncle & she was telling him that i was going to do some canning.
    (i was in the same room so i could hear her)
    & the whole time i was thinking.. ugh. dont tell him that, if he knows i am doing this he is going to take some jars & i do not want to share it!
    and apparently my mom does not know where her little tong grabby things are that you need to take the jars out of the boiling water & my uncle has a set & was saying we could use his, so, there is that too.
    but i do not have a terribly large amount of nectarines to can & they have to last me the whole winter, so, i dont know, i guess its selfish but i do not want to share
    unless someone wants to take me to the store to buy more fruit & then i am totally willing to cut it all up & do the work, but as of now i just dont have too much
    oh well.

    good news!
    we went to go watch fireworks! at the delwood community fair tonight!
    its getting cold out there! my feets were getting cold standing out there!
    i took pictures with my spankin new camera! fun fun!

    delwood fall festival 1/14 ... delwood fall festival 5/14 ... delwood fall festival 6/14

    delwood fall festival 10/14 ... delwood fall festival 7/14 ... delwood fall festival 13/14
    Saturday, September 13th, 2014
    8:03 pm
    i went to this honey harvest festival thing yesterday with my cousin & her husband
    it was at the john janzen nature center
    i dont think i have been to that place since i was in elementary school!!!
    this was just little & in the main building, so its not like i got to see the whole place
    the first part of it was a little talk by a biologist who specializes in bumble bees, that was interesting
    & then there was a LITTLE market, like, 3 tables? i bought a raspberry white chocolate scone (which really has nothing to do with honey, but oh well!) there was someone selling honey & a table of people selling bread that they made with honey in it
    there was also people selling various honey based alcohol which was pretty popular, but i dont drink, so, i skipped that
    in another room there was a table to do origami bees!
    me & my cousin did that.
    the one lady asked if we wanted to do the easy one or the hard one & my cousin said easy (i wanted to do the harder one but the lady already gave me the paper for the easy one)
    so, i sat down to make it & the lady who was 'helping' me seemed to think i was incompetent or something? she had an odd attitude, kinda rude maybe? whatever.
    there was also this tea station where you could make your own tea blend!
    they had various things (chamomile, lavender, calendula, red clover, raspberry leaves, dandelion leaves, i think that is it?) & little empty tea bags for you to make your own tea!
    & then hot water & honey
    i made a mix to take home for my mom!
    & then i made one with just lavender & calendula & shared that with my cousin & put a whole bunch of honey in it! it was pretty much hot honey water
    there was the opportunity to make a bee home! for solitary bees, it was just a block of wood with holes in it really
    but the line up was taking a long time so we just took the supplies to do it at home
    then we looked in the discovery room, which was really neat!
    it was pretty much a kids room & all about beavers & bees
    you could climb around this whole area & there was a little slide & you could drop these little plastic acorns down from the top to the bottom & all sorts of stuff
    there was also a bee hive in there! i took pictures of the bees!

    bees! @ the honey harvest festival ... bees! at the honey harvest festival ... bees! @ the honey harvest festival

    and this was a little toad guy who was in the tea/origami room!
    Thursday, September 11th, 2014
    11:31 pm
    i need to get some film developed
    just from some cheepo toy camera stuff that got put aside & lost in the mess & rediscovered in the great cleanup
    one is from this camera & the other is from my oktomat which was kinda broken
    after taking many pictures & it not coming to an end, i realized that it was not advancing, even though it seemed to be, so i tried to just rewind the film & that did not work! so i got frustrated & just put it on the shelf & forgot about it for awhile
    now finally i just went in the dark bathroom & opened up the back & pulled out the film (which was indeed half used & half unused) & rewound it & am just going to get it developed
    SO! i need to get the film developed
    the stuff is long expired & i just want something cheap
    i used to get it done at walmart
    so, i called around. i called one walmart & the guy was all ...uh... i dont think we do that????
    ok. hang up. call a different location, a girl answers, she says 'its 85c a print' ...i asked, well, is there a charge for the actual developing? she said 'no, its just 85c a print' ..ok.
    but then i calculated that & for a roll of 24 that would be $20.40!!! that is ridiculous!!!
    so, i called one more walmart & the guy says its about $11
    ok except that McBain camera, a 'specialty' shop (that lists their prices online thank you very much!) charges $11.79 a roll & if i am going to pay $11 i sure am not going to get it done at walmart
    there is also london drugs, i called there & some guy told me "about $11"
    so, blah. but then i called there again today because i wanted to know how long it takes, and i ask this guy & he puts me on hold to go and ask (which i dont get because i called the photo department?) ..after a long time he comes back and says it costs $6 to develop the roll
    ..ok i say, but what about the prints? ..he has to go ask again... 'prints are 29c', yeah, but if i was to get a roll of film developed, how much would it cost? ..'it would be 29c each one'
    ...ugh. thats not how it works, but whatever, i say, ok thanks. i was on hold for a long time & i am pretty sure he told me it was because he had to go to the washroom, i was not quite sure what he said & i was not going to ask him to repeat it.
    i still need to call one more place, but whatever.
    i have reason to be around the area of london drugs, so that would probably be where i would go if it costs $11, i was hoping walmart would be cheaper, but, whatever.
    i am hoping to get a split-cam super soon!
    some guy is selling one for $10 through local classified thingy
    i just need to call & get an opportunity where my dad can give me a ride so that i can go and meet up & get it
    so, hopefully that works out.

    i got a new (digital) camera!!!
    its a canon powershot s200 & i got it at costco for $130, so that is kinda super!

    popcorn! & pompom pin i made
    popcorn! -- well, kettlecorn! ... pompom pin!

    this is one the kitty cats that live 2 doors down. he is very friendly & would not sit still enough for a picture, so i got a blurry kitty head! i like the blurry kitty head!
    kitty face!

    i went on a little walk down & around the block to take a picture of this plant, it is really nifty looking! it is a globe thistle. it was a bit windy & kept blowing the blooms around, so hard to focus on them, but a cool plant!
    globe thistles

    and in the alley we spotted a beetle!!!
    beetle on the run!
    Tuesday, September 9th, 2014
    12:29 am
    there was snow this morning!
    by the end of the day it was all gone
    but still,
    i was/am hoping that we can have an extended fall this year
    (like, into november)
    because we had such a hot summer
    but this is stupid
    on saturday it was in the mid 20s!
    & on monday snow?
    go away snow!!!
    watching the weather channel, there was somewhere in southern alberta that got 15cm!!!!
    Friday, September 5th, 2014
    10:58 pm
    i put out my mushrooms today!
    they look great!
    i put them in the big mound of ..stuff that was left over when they killed the giant tree that was in my front yard!
    except i kinda cracked the stick on the little pink one when i was attempting to stick it in the ground, so i am keeping that one in the pot on my deck.
    i hope stupid kids or whoever do not wreck &/or steal them!!!

    mushroomlj ... mushrooms

    check out the spore project and how to make your own mushrooms
    12:37 am
    ugh. online things are annoying.
    i am trying to log into my account for this stupid grocery points thingy
    i was not sure of my password, so i did the forgot my password thing & they sent me a temporary one & i tried to log in & it says its wrong!
    i tried again in case i typed it in wrong or something & nope, wrong password.
    & this thing blocks you after 3 wrong attempts 'for security reasons' now i am blocked
    oh well.
    i guess i will have to try another day.
    this 'club sobeys' is converting to 'airmiles' which kinda sucks because airmiles kinda sucks.
    its ok if you are saving up for a flight, but if you want to redeem your points for other stuff, other point programs are MUCH better, club sobeys was MUCH better, you could get free groceries from it MUCH faster than you will be able to do with airmiles, so, blah.
    better than nothing though.

    i am excited about canning nectarines!
    i bought a whole bunch of them on tuesday & i am going to process them soonish i hope!
    i need to wash all the jars we have & whatnot
    i am also hoping to make some nectarine jam
    probably just freezer jam, cause thats easy, but that will be yummy!
    nectarines are pretty much my favourite fruit! & i am super excited about being able to eat them in the winter time!

    i have also been making paper mushrooms (a la the spore project) the past few days!
    i have been meaning to make some for AGES, years even
    i have been saving paper bags from take out & whatnot for awhile now
    except i ended up painting mine
    & am currently in the process of coating them with some varnish because i want to put them outside
    i am just thinking right now that there is not much left of the season, maybe 2 months at the most before we have permasnow for the next half a year
    but oh well!
    they are nice & colourful! i will take a picture when i put them out!

    & yesterday there was a rainbow!
    a double one even (you can kinda see it in the second picture)
    at one point i could see the whole rainbow, but we were driving so i could not take a picture of the whole thing..

    rainbow2 ... rainbow1
    Monday, September 1st, 2014
    6:02 pm
    we had a bbq at my uncles place on saturday
    & i brought some veggie burgers in case there were not enough (that happened last time)
    i brought ALL my veggie burgers (lord knows why?) [well, 5 is all i had, 3 reg & 2 mushroom]
    then today i was cleaning my house & noticed a box from them on my table and AHHH!H!!!!!!!!
    i remembered that i had totally forgot about them & they have been sitting in a bag on the floor since saturday
    boo! & it has been kinda warm, unrefrigerated, so, i the garbage they go.

    saturday i went & helped my sister set up her class room a bit
    she got a job teaching grade 2
    & it is at a school that is only a block or 2 (accross the ave) from my place!
    this is her first year full time teaching with a class of her own
    & i think its her first year teaching elementary?
    her first day is tomorrow!
    i had a look at her class today & it looks pretty good
    so exciting!

    sunday i went to an open house potluck sort of thing for my cousin
    she is going on a mission trip & leaves on wed.
    it is for 11 months!!!
    she goes to 11 different countries in south america, asia & africa
    it is going to be an amazing experience
    but it is such a long time!
    she gets to live out of a backpack the whole time & carries a tent with her
    it is through an organization & i think she goes with a group of 5? other girls?
    i am going to miss her, but she has to keep a blog, so, we will get updates & pictures & everything along the way!

    i have also done a lot of baking recently
    i made these salted caramel blackberry brownies for the bbq
    they sounded incredibly strange, so i thought i would make them & they were a big success!
    they were very moist & i had to cook them for almost double the amount the recipe said
    & then my sister gave me a GIANT zucchini from her garden, so i decided i needed to do some baking with that, so for that potluck i made mini sweet zucchini cupcakes & zucchini cheddar loaf
    the loaf recipe was supposed to be parmesan, but i used cheddar & i thought it was really good! i made 2!
    & i used really cute little black and white striped cupcake liners for the cupcakes
    i got them from micheals for super cheap! 50c for a pack that had 50large ones and 25mini ones
    i want to buy some more, i need to go back there & hopefully i will get to this week
    its hard to get there by bus, so i need to see if i can find a ride!
    i also really want to go to target, they have neon sharpies on for 50% off & i want them!!! (+ i have a $1 off coupon!)
    i might be able to stop by there tomorrow on my way or way home from drBs
    tomorrow is also 10%/15% off grocery day!
    nectarines are on sale at save on foods! (nectarines are my favourite fruit!) & i am planning on canning some nectarines this year so that i can eat them in the winter! so i want to buy a whole bunch of them if they look good!
    but i think i need to buy new lids? i think that is what my mom said? (she has some supplies, i have a few jars)

    i think i am going to go eat crackers & cheese & pickles & boil some potatoes!
    Tuesday, August 26th, 2014
    10:06 pm
    i am kinda in a bad mood
    i blame it on hormones
    i was having a perfectly fine day, good even
    i had a drB appointment & then went to target with my folks
    i got some school supplies (cheep glue sticks!!!) & some neat drinking glasses
    we stopped at the farmers market & i got 2 bags of cucumbers & a bag of potatoes
    it was the end of the day so the guy gave me 3 bags for $12 instead of 2 for $10
    later my sister was over here & i was showing her the pictures from when we went camping
    they were not all mine, some were hers & she had not seen them yet, there were not too many
    & then i was showing her some other stuff of mine
    & then she says 'ok, i gotta go now' & walks out of the room
    & i am thinking what the hell? i was right in the middle of showing you this stuff & you are not even looking at it & you just walk out of the room? how rude is that?
    i do all sorts of shit for you & support you & you cant spend 2 min. looking at this stuff for me?
    & i am moody so it made me feel like crying
    so i just sat in here & did not even bother going out & saying good bye to her (not that it was even noticed)
    so now i feel all crappy & in a bad mood

    earlier today, when i came back from there was a rabbit laying down in my neighbours yard:
    stuff 001

    i went into my house for a bit & when i came back out he was still there but now he was all sprawled out!
    you cant really tell so much from the pic i guess, but his back legs are no longer under him, like the top picture, but spread out & the white is a bit of his belly!
    stuff 005
    silly rabbit!
    Monday, August 25th, 2014
    11:35 pm
    i went to the farm with my dad today
    he had to get the reading off a power meter or something like that
    so we just went for a few min.
    my dad was saying how going there now is just not like going home anymore
    i know what he means, its just not the same without grandma
    i took some pictures of some flowers
    & did a stitch assist type thing to do a panarama view of the farm
    it turned out ok!

    farm panarama
    Sunday, August 24th, 2014
    6:11 pm
    my mom's pink geraniums seemed really bright today for some reason?
    so i took a picture of them!
    pink geraniums

    i had to wake up really early to go & cheer on my sister in law during her half marathon
    we drove downtown to a spot along the race & held up some signs me & my sister made
    there were a lot of people running!
    the route for the folks running the full marathon actually goes by a few blocks from my place! the half marathon went the other way (the full marathon does both ways)
    i forget what her time was, but i think she did pretty good!
    she was almost at the end when she went past us & she looked pretty good, not worn out & tired!
    i think the longest run she had done previously was a 10km

    & fireworks!!!

    ... ...

    ... ...
    12:12 am
    i went to watch the fireworks tonight & they were amazing!
    i was so pleased!~
    we went a bit earlier to watch captain tractor (a pretty great local band) preform for a bit
    & then the fireworks were launched in a school yard close by
    we got to see them from the fence around the school, super close up!
    there were LOTS of coloured ones
    & LOTS of blue ones, which are my favourite!!!
    & one ALMOST HIT US!!!
    instead of going up it veered to the side where we were standing and hit just a little bit away from us!!!!
    we all jumped and ran away for a bit!
    i took a gazillion pictures & they turned out pretty good!
    just yesterday i finally figured out how to set the special features on that stupid camera, so i got to use the fireworks mode!
    they lasted a long time too! almost 30min!
    part way through they stopped & everyone started clapping because we thought they were over & then they started again! & this happened a couple of times.
    i was super super impressed with the whole show!
    this community is one of the lower income areas of the city, so, its not like they have a huge budget to begin with & it was questionable as to weather there was even going to be a fireworks show
    so, yeah. it was good fun!
    i will upload photos tomorrow maybe
    right now i have to go eat food & watch tv & go to sleep
    i need to wake up early early tomorrow so i can go cheer on michelle on her half marathon
    gosh, people with energy drain me.
    Friday, August 22nd, 2014
    11:31 pm
    i went to the eye doctor today
    i was really nervous about going because i have not gone in a really really long time, over 15 years at least!
    plus my eye sight has gotten REALLY bad over the last 5 years or so
    i am squinting all the time
    i can see up close perfectly fine, but things farther away.. ick.
    & i have just been putting it off & putting it off & putting it off.
    but it was not so bad.
    except that she put guck in my eyes to dialate them & they still feel kinda sore from it
    i have a prescription (i guess its a pretty strong one too) & need to get glasses which i will have to wear all the time now
    but other than that my eyes were healthy
    when i was younger i always had better than 20-20 vision
    i have never worn glasses before, hopefully i can get used to it pretty easily
    it will probably be kinda weird being able to see everything clearly again

    the area i live in is having its centennial this year!
    ..that is old around here.
    & i guess this weekend is going to be a party sort of thing.
    i was just looking up the info
    i guess tomorrow is a parade
    & then they are building a stage on the street somewhere & having a concert all day & night
    & FIREWORKS!!!! yay!!!
    so, i am excited about that, i love fireworks!
    i will try to take pictures of them with the crappy grey camera!
    then there is some sort of picnic on sunday at the park
    ALSO, my sister in law is running a half marathon on sunday
    my brother wants us all to go & cheer her on because this is the longest run she has done
    me & my sister made up some signs for it
    but i am not sure if i am going to go because it is early in the morning
    i might be able to go and be there to cheer for her at the finish though!

    this is one my bee balm plants
    its one of my favourite flowers! & i am super happy that it bloomed even though i thought it would be redish & not this purpley colour
    its a perennial, so hopefully it will be really big & lovely next year

    & a spider web!
    in the door way of the shed in my back yard
    Monday, August 18th, 2014
    12:14 am
    thursday we got up early and drove up the long twisty road to mt. edith cavell.
    Mount Edith Cavell
    my dad & sister had done that trail before & assured me that it was relatively easy & not steep hills because i was kinda done for after the canyon. what we did not realize was that in 2012 'ghost glacier' on mt.edith cavell had fallen into the lake below causing a 'tsunami' that destroyed the lower trail (that they had gone on) and the parking lot! it had been fixed up & stuff, but only the upper, harder, STEEP trail was open. STEEP! steeper than the canyon the day before, ugh.
    one really neat thing happened though! while we were walking up there, there was an avalanche type thing on mt. edith cavell (across from us), it was loud & you could see the ice/snow falling down the mountain side.
    avalanche!!! ... avalanche!!! cont.
    (the cloudy looking parts is the ice fall/avalanche)
    we sat at the lookout point at the 'top' (you could go further, much steeper, most dont) for awhile & headed down, then drove down a bit further & went down the beginning of the tonquin trail & took some pictures at lake cavell. Then we drove down to lake annett to have some lunch & we went swimming! the water was a bit cold, but it was so refreshing. i floated around in there for a long time, i love being in the lake, i am not so much a sitting on the beach person, but i love being in the water.
    on our way back to the campsite we saw a baby deer! (and his mom) it was so adorable, with his little spots!
    cavell lake ... baby deer! ... sunset through the trees
    we went for a walk & just relaxed for the rest of the evening & i took some photos of the firepit, which was fun. We tried to look for the shooting stars again, but nope. oh well.
    fire pit photo 3 ... fire pit photo 1 ... fire pit photo 2
    OH! there was an elk eating in our campsite! a male, with antlers. so, i decided to take some pictures of him. first, for safety, i started taking pics of him while standing behind our neighbours trailer, but then as he moved over i moved into our campsite. I dont know how to get my dad's camera to allow me to take pictures using the lcd screen, i need to look through the view finder & when i snap a picture it goes black for a second or 2. So, i was taking some pictures of him & i accidentally took a flash photo of him. WELL, he did not like that. not one bit. So, i am looking through the camera, click, black, i can see again & he is running at me!!!! AHHHH!! We all ran & hid behind the truck. yikes. fortunately he was not that angry & lost interest & just wandered off, but do not take flash photos of elk in your campsite!
    elk in our campsite ... attack!!!ATTACK!
    The next day we woke up kinda early & went into town & wasted some time. We went to the bakery & got some of these DElicious raspberry white chocolate scones.
    totem poll ... totem poll close up ... mounties!
    & we went home.
    goats!  no, sheep.
    the end.
    rays of sun
    Friday, August 15th, 2014
    10:25 pm
    i am back!
    my trip was really great!
    it was SO HOT though! yikes.
    we did a whole bunch of things, but we also did a whole bunch of just sitting around and relaxing as well. we left tuesday & took our time getting there because check in was not until 2pm. so, we got there & set up & walked around town a bit & looked at a few stores & what not.
    Jasper the Bear
    We sat out & tried to watch for that meteor shower, but not much luck there, it was just too light out. i saw 1 quick little meteor. we watched a bit every night, but yeah, the sky never got really really dark with lots of stars. it was actually pretty hazy out because of forest fires in northern bc.

    babies!!! ... squirrel ... wild flowers 2
    On wed. we went to maligne canyon. it was pretty there. we walked down hill over 4 bridges that passed over it & then had to walk UP HILL back and it was again SO HOT! stupidly we had not brought any water & i had not drank anything before we left. i am not in great shape to begin with and i was dying. i did ok for a good part of it, but the last bit, yoiks, i just desperately needed a drink. Once we finally got back up we had a little picnic lunch, which was nice.
    We drove back and had some time to kill, so we drove up to pyramid lake & patricia lake. my dad said we had been before, but i guess what he does not realize is that if he took us there when we were little kids, we do not remember it, so it was something new for me & my sis. it was really pretty up there too. Back in town there was a farmers market/fundraiser for the ms society. i got some cucumbers! yum!~ and a little peach-rhubarb pie, which i have not eaten yet because i brought it home to share with my mom. i have never heard of peach-rhubarb as a combination, but it sounds interesting~!
    Maligne Canyon ... pyramid island ... patricia lake

    these are some blurry elk
    it was getting dark & we tried to take pictures of them with no flash, but my dads camera acted funny & gave us blurry elk photos instead & i thought they looked kinda nifty!~
    blurry elk ... blurry elk #2

    ...will continue tomorrow...
    Monday, August 11th, 2014
    6:40 pm
    i am going camping to jasper! yay~!
    we are leaving tomorrow & staying till friday
    i love it there, it is one of my favourite places!
    i havent been for awhile though, a few years anyway
    i havent packed my stuff yet though, eek.
    we went & did a bunch of grocery shopping & all that though
    this week is the perseid meteor shower & i recently learned that jasper was declared a dark sky preserve (the worlds second largest!)
    [the world's largest being wood buffalo national park in northern alberta, i dont think i have ever been there, but it looks kinda neat]
    so, anyway, i am kinda excited about meteor watching
    except the forecast is kinda for hot & rainy, so it might be really cloudy & that would suck
    but i am sure good times will be had by all

    i have been working on another hulahoop rug with my new larger hoop!
    & it was getting really concave bowl like & the hoop was really warping
    i took a picture, maybe you can see what i mean
    i was thinking that when i finished & cut it out of the hoop that it would stretch out & flatten
    but then i was hit by a bit of common sense & realized that if the circumference of the rug was a certain size when it was all bowl like,
    cutting it off the frame was not going to make it magically stretch & flatten out
    so i unraveled almost the entire thing!!!
    & figured that i was just pulling too tightly
    i have re-woven almost all that i un-wove, but much looser & it is looking pretty good
    MUCH flatter
    this one is going to end up being quite a bit larger than the last one, which is good!
    woven rug #1
    (the last one)
    i think i am going to bring some yarn with me to finger weave while camping
    a good thing to do while sitting by the fire at night
    (as long as the yarn doesnt set on fire & burn me!!!)
    Saturday, August 9th, 2014
    10:52 pm
    my folks are babysitting my nieces this weekend
    so i finally got a chance to go over there & do sharpie tie-dye-ing with them!
    it was a HUGE success!
    i brought over my box of sharpies, tank tops for everyone, a bottle of isopropyl alcohol, droppers, a whole bunch of different sized plastic cups&containers, elastics & we had lots of fun
    it was super easy & everyone was able to do it
    gwen, who is 3, required some help putting the elastics over the cups, but after that she had lots of fun scribbling all over & dripping the alcohol on it
    & scarlett (who is 7) wanted to leave practically NO white left on her shirt & spent 4 HOURS!!! working on this (minus a quick brake for supper, which was maybe half hour or so)
    & they turned out so nice
    now my mom is going to heat set them & put them through the wash & hopefully the colours stay pretty good
    rumor has it that they fade a bit, but hopefully not too too much.

    this is gwen's, she is 3, it turned out pretty good i think!

    this is the front of scarlett's, she covered the entire shirt, front & back!

    this is mine, i did a blue green circle kinda thingy. also, my shirt wasn't really white, it was this oatmeal colour.
    Thursday, August 7th, 2014
    10:26 pm
    so, yesterday night i was doing something at the stove when i hear this clackety sound coming from the window by the table
    i keep doing my stuff
    i think it might be a moth or something trying to get in the window? but it sounds really strange & loud, weird.
    so i go to check it out & there stuck between the window & the screen is a GIANT dragonfly!!!
    this is the type of window that you open with a crank type thing and it opens at an angle, so i crank it open as wide as it goes so there is more room for him to get out. i am talking to him, telling him to fly out the sides but he keeps flying into the screen and making this CLACKETY CLACK CLACK sound.
    SO! i went and found a flashlight & got a piece of paper to use to try and push him out & went out there to try & rescue the poor thing.
    i got out there & there he is doing his CLACKETY CLACK CLACK and i am trying to guide him out the sides with the paper & it is SO HARD, he just will not go. FINALLY i think i got him out, i look & he is not in the window, but where is he?
    i am looking around with the flashlight because i did not see where he went and i was a bit worried that i might have hurt him? i am looking around??? under the window is a stack of sticks that my mom is planning on doing something? with & i hear a little 'clackety' sound coming from there. so, i shine flashlight down there and bend over and look around the sticks and..
    the darn thing is back in the window!!!
    so, i keep trying to get him out.
    FINALLY, i get him out and he is sitting on the windowsill of the window right above the window that opens. So i run inside and quickly crank the window shut!
    the stupid dragonfly now keeps flying into the window SMACK SMACK SMACK
    so, i pull down the blinds and shut them so that he cant see the light & hopefully he will go away or go to sleep or something?
    this whole ordeal took like 20min.
    for the next little while i heard the occasional SMACK SMACK (that i could hear across the house over the tv & a fan & this was MUCH quieter than the CLACKETY sound) but then he settled down.
    did i mention that this was at 3AM!
    at around 5AM when i went home i checked outside at the window & he was still sleeping? on the windowsill
    whatever possessed him to try & fly through a window in the middle of the night is beyond me
    strange creature.
    Tuesday, August 5th, 2014
    10:12 pm
    we got the letter from the city about the NOXIOUS WEEDS!
    it says:

    You are hereby directed to control the noxious weeds, which are infesting the property municipally known as: (my address)
    The weeds will be considered controlled if they are mowed unless an alternative method of control is specified below.
    Types of Weeds: Canada Thistle, Creeping Bellflower
    ... Location of Property ... : Entire Yard
    Alternative Method of Control: NO ALTERNATIVE METHOD - WEEDS ARE TO BE MOWED.

    so, you cant pull them out? you have to mow them?
    sigh. whatever.
    but anyway, so, this morning, my dad read the letter (i guess my dad reads my mail?) so he went and weed wacked the yard & had it all done before i even got up
    the house down the block got a letter too, so, he did that yard too
    i am thinking that someone went down the alley/block and peeked in all the yards & anyone with any of these plants (& LOTS of people have creeping bellflowers) got notices

    NOXIOUS WEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!
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