dystatic (dystatic) wrote,

so, yesterday night i was doing something at the stove when i hear this clackety sound coming from the window by the table
i keep doing my stuff
i think it might be a moth or something trying to get in the window? but it sounds really strange & loud, weird.
so i go to check it out & there stuck between the window & the screen is a GIANT dragonfly!!!
this is the type of window that you open with a crank type thing and it opens at an angle, so i crank it open as wide as it goes so there is more room for him to get out. i am talking to him, telling him to fly out the sides but he keeps flying into the screen and making this CLACKETY CLACK CLACK sound.
SO! i went and found a flashlight & got a piece of paper to use to try and push him out & went out there to try & rescue the poor thing.
i got out there & there he is doing his CLACKETY CLACK CLACK and i am trying to guide him out the sides with the paper & it is SO HARD, he just will not go. FINALLY i think i got him out, i look & he is not in the window, but where is he?
i am looking around with the flashlight because i did not see where he went and i was a bit worried that i might have hurt him? i am looking around??? under the window is a stack of sticks that my mom is planning on doing something? with & i hear a little 'clackety' sound coming from there. so, i shine flashlight down there and bend over and look around the sticks and..
the darn thing is back in the window!!!
so, i keep trying to get him out.
FINALLY, i get him out and he is sitting on the windowsill of the window right above the window that opens. So i run inside and quickly crank the window shut!
the stupid dragonfly now keeps flying into the window SMACK SMACK SMACK
so, i pull down the blinds and shut them so that he cant see the light & hopefully he will go away or go to sleep or something?
this whole ordeal took like 20min.
for the next little while i heard the occasional SMACK SMACK (that i could hear across the house over the tv & a fan & this was MUCH quieter than the CLACKETY sound) but then he settled down.
did i mention that this was at 3AM!
at around 5AM when i went home i checked outside at the window & he was still sleeping? on the windowsill
whatever possessed him to try & fly through a window in the middle of the night is beyond me
strange creature.
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