dystatic (dystatic) wrote,

my folks are babysitting my nieces this weekend
so i finally got a chance to go over there & do sharpie tie-dye-ing with them!
it was a HUGE success!
i brought over my box of sharpies, tank tops for everyone, a bottle of isopropyl alcohol, droppers, a whole bunch of different sized plastic cups&containers, elastics & we had lots of fun
it was super easy & everyone was able to do it
gwen, who is 3, required some help putting the elastics over the cups, but after that she had lots of fun scribbling all over & dripping the alcohol on it
& scarlett (who is 7) wanted to leave practically NO white left on her shirt & spent 4 HOURS!!! working on this (minus a quick brake for supper, which was maybe half hour or so)
& they turned out so nice
now my mom is going to heat set them & put them through the wash & hopefully the colours stay pretty good
rumor has it that they fade a bit, but hopefully not too too much.

this is gwen's, she is 3, it turned out pretty good i think!

this is the front of scarlett's, she covered the entire shirt, front & back!

this is mine, i did a blue green circle kinda thingy. also, my shirt wasn't really white, it was this oatmeal colour.
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