dystatic (dystatic) wrote,

ugh. my back hurts
i am getting old. do a bit of work & i have aches and pains for a week!
i have been tying to make arrangements to pick up a camera i am buying from some girl & it is proving difficult
i was going to get a ride from my dad to go pick it up tomorrow, but that might not work out
so it seems like she might be dropping it off
i am fortunate that she is being so patient with me
i first contacted her about it at the beginning of june when i had my cold & she has held on to it for me

so i have more health concerns
i went to the washroom earlier today & noticed blood on the toilet paper
its not time for my period
i had some spotting a few days ago as well, but this was more blood
i also had a little bit of spotting for a day or two in between my last two periods (during the time i was sick with the cold stuff)
another concern is that day awhile back, i had to look up the date and it was may 15th, when i woke up with the really really really bad pelvic pain
& then when i went out to talk to my sister i got kinda light headed and collapsed on the grass
i have not had bad pelvic pain like that since
i may have had some pelvic pain, i am not sure, i have random pelvic pain & usually do not pay much attention to it
i have a history of ovarian cysts & usually just chalk it up to that
but the concern is that because of the lynch syndrome i have a much higher risk of ...
i thought it was uterine, but i was just looking it up & i guess it is endometrial cancer
i guess i have a 20 - 60% greater chance (than the general public?) of contracting endometrial cancer
& i never go for testing, like pap smears or those sort of annual check ups that a person is supposed to go for
i suppose i should do that

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