dystatic (dystatic) wrote,

i went to the farm today!
i wanted to pick wild roses because i want to make some wild rose jam (or jelly, whatever)
i walked around LOTS and there were barely any blossoms! lots of bushes, just most of the blossoms were gone, so that sucked. after awhile walking my hips started hurting REALLY bad. (not -hands on your hips- hips, ..hip socket, hip joint type hips) .. i have not had problems with my hips in a long time, so this really sucks. i have some sort of arthritis in my hips but they have not bothered me in over a year? multiple years even maybe? blah.
i also picked some of the dark purple alfalfa flowers for iceflower dying & some dark pink roses from my grandma's flower garden for dying as well, so.. there is that.
after the walking around i sat in the house for a bit .. my dad was mowing the lawn, which took a LONG time. hours and hours .. the grass had got a foot high & he had to go over areas twice.
i started looking around at stuff.. in the kitchen because i wanted to see if there were any pots i could use for dying. i found a nice big one with a lid! i also found some other old stuff, some old glass jars of extract, an old box of powdered soap, an old box of plaster, some little vintage oil cans, a measuring cup.. i am not sure what else.
& i did some looking around in her bedroom & got some neat things! old bus tickets, some old safetypins, a old pair of pinking shears, a little ceramic deer & then the neatest thing, an old stereoscope & a whole stack of cards for it!
i also started sorting through some papers on her dresser.. sorting out what is to keep and what is to get rid of. that whole house is going to need to be gone through eventually so i thought, mine as well start. there was a neat old photo there of a bunch of ladies at what looked at like maybe a telephone call center? it appeared to have everyones name on the back of it but the writing was very very faded.
i did not get a chance to look through very much stuff before my dad was finished.
on the way back we stopped several times by the side of the road to pick roses in the ditch & i ended up getting quite a few, so that was great! super duper.
when we got back my dad had me order him Chinese food & it just got here. it actually smells kind of gross. i think i am going to go eat some though because i am hungry & i like rice!

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