dystatic (dystatic) wrote,

it is HOT out!
record breaking heat today! it got up to 34
i went and got fruit, so i am happy! i got plums & peaches & nectarines & strawberries
i also got some nugget potatoes, yum!
i am thinking of making stirfry tonight for supper, yippie!
i also bought some prickly pears! i have never had them before! they had green ones and red ones, so i bought one of each.
i had another new fruit last week, a granadilla! which is a type of passionfruit i guess! it is similar to a purple passionfruit, but it was orange and larger
have i written about my dying stuff?
i have been wanting to do eco dying. so i have been mordanting my cloths
my uncle brought me a pale of ash from his fireplace, so yesterday i started making some ashwater
i tested the pH of the bit that had formed & it is quite alkaline, so that is really good!
i want to do an alkaline mordant & 1 more protein mordant on my dishtowels & then i am going to attempt to do some ecodyes!
& i am going to attempt to do some solar dying on some of the remnants that i got from the eco center
i also have been wanting to make green onion cakes for ages!
well.. maybe not ages, but last week or possibly even the week before i bought a couple bunches of green onions to make some & i still have not done it!
so i am going to tonight!
i attempted to make some rose petal jam yesterday!
it kind of went disastrous!
i have never used pectin (well, i made my own apple pectin last year and used that for the pomegranate jam i made, but have never used store bought pectin) & was uncertain about it
one way of adding pectin to jam is to put lemon peels in a little bag made of cheesecloth and boil it with the jam while you are making it
so.. i did that, i thought it might help a tiny bit
my jam got SUPER THICK!
i ended up having to add more water
i also ended up only filling 1 tiny jar! i didnt have that many petals but i thought it would at least make maybe 3?
also i checked it today & the jar did not seal
oh well
i think i need to eat some ice cream

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