dystatic (dystatic) wrote,

hello dear journal.
so, today is a blah day. a very blah day.
my furnace konked out on me last night. i decided to just have a hot shower and sleep in warmer clothes and curl up under the covers and hope it would be fine & i guess it was, but when i woke up i was pretty cold. & i have had somewhat of a chill all day.
i have been feeling down today, down down down.
i had a drB appointment & gosh. i started crying in there. i dont think i have cried in there for ages. maybe years. i have been so damn weepy lately & i think it hormones but damn.
fortunately it is him & he is one of the only people on this earth that i trust, so yeah.
on the way home i got little hot chocolate at tim hortons, they have the white hot chocolate at the downtown one & i had never tried that before so i got to do that. it was pretty good i guess, ok, well, i dont know. it was sweet. it was not as good as their regular hot chocolate, they have good hot chocolate. second cup has really good white hot chocolate. i guess i wouldnt get it again though because their regular hot chocolate is much better. they had dark hot chocolate once, i tried that, it was yucky.
so then i went and checked my mail, and then i went and got ~swiss to go~ i havent eaten it yet, but it will be super yummy & i am looking forward to that. they have a card, you get a thing marked off every time you go and once you get 10 you get a free one & i got my free sandwhich today. they have desserts there too & i had decided to get a dessert, i picked out this sour cherry cheesecake thing and he rang it in at $7.35 ...wowza. yikes. holy crap. i mean, i was expecting it to be expensive, but i was thinking around the $5 range not over $7! but whatever, i got it anyway today. then i went to dollarama because i have been looking for little squirt bottles to try something new for glazing for pottery, well, i didnt really find any but i found these little drink bottles that i think might work, they were 2/$1 so i got them. that's another thing, i did not want to pay a lot, i had found squirt bottles before but they were $1 each or more and that was too much, i dont want to pay a lot for things i will use 1 time and might not even achieve a good result.
i also got some little christmas bags. i am a sucker for little bags. i have this whole little box full of little bags, i dont know why? & i got some little stickers because i want to send my cousin a nice little envelope with some stuff because it is her birthday the beginning of december and she just moved to england & i need things that are flat and light weight because i dont want to send anything big. i will send something bigger for christmas.
i got some other little crap too but i cant even remember. a little star hole punch, a little box, oh yeah. some sort of crayola 3D colouring thing. i have been finding all this 3D crap in the kids section at dollar stores lately. i am not even sure what it is though, i havent opened it. last thing i found was this "frozen" drawing pad, it was basically red/blue grid paper that came with a pair of 3D glasses.
i also walked home.. from the post office, the 15 or so blocks, because i thought it would do me some good. a walk in the cold. might snap the sad from me. but it didnt.
ive been looking at crap online all evening.
i uploaded some nifty photos i took of lights in the rain onto my flickr page
they turned out really neat, but even that didnt cheer me up.
& i am going to post them onto my ~new~ photo blog thingy that i made the other day but hadnt posted to
its.. what is it? notgoodatnames.blogspot.com
i just have this dark feeling today
it sucks.
i am sure it will go away. but i just dont like today at all.
ok now, bye.

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